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LoL Patch 12.7: Lillia, Wukong Buffs to Stir Up Changes in the Jungle

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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A change in the jungle meta, especially in pro play, is imminent with Riot Games introducing buffs to lesser-known junglers in League of Legends.
Wukong, Lillia, and Karthus are all getting their kits buffed to aid them in the jungle.
Riot Games hopes to shake up the stale meta before the commencement of the Mid-Season Invitational in May.

LoL Patch 12.7 is keen on changing up the meta in pro play before the start of the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) at the Busan Exhibition and Convention Center (BEXCO), Korea, on 10th May. Since this patch will hit the servers on 13th April, players will have enough time to get used to the new playstyle and the champions that are likely to crop up as a result of a new meta with LoL Patch 12.7.

One of the major changes that are expected is the drastic shift in the jungle meta. While Solo Queue offers players the freedom to choose from a diverse champion pool, the esports scene of League of Legends is somewhat rigid. As a result, the same set of champions gets either picked or banned in pro play, and this only changes when there is a shift in the meta.

Currently, champions like Hecarim, Lee Sin, Viego, and Volibear are picked extensively in pro play across top regions: League of Legends European Championship (LEC), League of Legends Championship Series (LCS), League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK), and League of Legends Pro League (LPL).


Hecarim, at present, is one of the highly valued champions in the jungle. According to Games of Legends, his pick rate is 48%, and Hecarim’s win rate is 57%, the highest for any jungler.

To combat this skewed and one-sided meta, Riot Games is buffing champions like Lillia, Wukong, and even Karthus to perform well in the jungle. Associate Game Designer Tim “Truexy” Jiang posted the detailed changes of LoL Patch 12.7 on Twitter.

Lillia’s passive buffed

Lillia can either be played as a top-laner or jungler, but her kiting skills let her quickly clear the jungle and gank other lanes swiftly. In LoL Patch 12.7, Lillia is slated to receive an enormous increase in her healing from her passive - Dream-Laden Bough.


Dream-Laden Bough: Hitting a champion or monster with an ability will deal additional max Health damage over time.

Now, her passive healing ratio has been increased from 12% Ability Power (AP) to 20% AP. Her W - Watch Out! Eep! is also getting a magic damage increase at all levels. Lillia is already more than capable of getting a full clear, hitting level four and contesting Scuttle Crab with a smite still in hand. These buffs are likely to help her sustain better in the jungle in the early game and might be very crucial in pro play.

Wukong’s kit buffed to push him to jungle


As per Jiang’s post, Wukong’s kit will be receiving cooldown reduction buffs. His Q - Crushing Blow and his W - Warrior Trickster will get significant cooldowns. Additionally, Wukong can now go over walls while he is invisible. His E - Nimbus Strike, will now deal an additional 30% damage to monsters and jungle camps, and the ability’s AP ratio is also getting a 20% increase. Riot Games’ intention of making the Monkey King a jungler should be effective with this patch, given his insane clear speed and his ability to gank while being invisible.

LoL Patch 12.7 buffs Karthus’ damage to jungle camps


Riot is also keen on amping up Karthus’ damage in the jungle. Karthus is one of the champions that is a major flex pick since he could be drafted in the mid, jungle, or bot lane. In LoL Patch 12.7, Karthus is receiving a 10% increase on his Q - Lay Waste and the damage dealt to monsters. As a result, players on jungle Karthus should be able to clear camps without wasting too much mana.

Apart from these champions in the jungle, Riot is also buffing other champions like Gwen, Pantheon, Neeko, Yasuo, and Yone among others.

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