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LoL Patch 12.6 Preview: Riot Nerfs Hecarim & Tryndamere

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After almost three weeks, League of Legends will be releasing a new patch on 30th March.
LoL Patch 12.6 is bringing in some serious changes like the introduction of the new rune Treasure Hunter and the much-anticipated Rengar rework.
Additionally, Riot is also nerfing lifesteal and healing in the game and has buffed and nerfed a handful of champions.

Riot Games announced all the changes and adjustments slated for LoL Patch 12.6 and the patch is shaping up to be quite an exciting one. Most of the changes mentioned in the LoL Patch 12.6 preview notes are not new to the community because Riot has been keeping folks informed about the game’s upcoming changes. After almost a month-long hiatus, Riot is back in action, and LoL Patch 12.6 looks to address the major issues of healing and sustenance in League of Legends. League of Legends' lifesteal build is set to receive some heavy nerfs.

Game Designer Ezra “Phlox” Lynn took to Twitter to reveal the patch notes. He posted a list of champions that are getting buffed and those that are getting their powers checked. For the first time in three patches, Zeri has not made it on the nerf list.

LoL Patch 12.6 will go live on all the servers on 30th March. Here are the key timings for all the servers, according to Dexerto:

  • 10 am AEDT (Oceania)

  • 3 am PT (North America)

  • 5 am GMT (Europe West)

  • 3 am CET (Europe and Nordic East)

  • 8 am KST (Korea)

LoL Patch 12.6 preview

LoL Patch 12.6 champion buffs

The champions that are getting buffed in LoL Patch 12.6 are as follows:

  • Azir

  • Darius

  • Jax

  • Nidalee

Champions getting buffed

Azir is receiving a very small buff to his base health per level stats to help him have a better sustain in the early game. On the top side of the map, Darius will receive a buff for his R - Noxian Guillotine. His ultimate will do considerably more damage at all ranks. Top laner Jax is also in the good books of Riot for he is being granted additional base health and damage on his W - Empower. Meanwhile, Nidalee, who is a jungler in the game, will now have reduced mana cost on her W - Bushwhack and an increased area of effect radius on her W - Pounce. The cast range for her E - Primal Surge has been buffed and it costs less mana now.

LoL Patch 12.6 champion nerfs

Hecarim and Tryndamere are slated for nerfs in this patch. Both the champions have been doing really well in League of Legends pro play and also in Solo Queue. Hecarim’s Q - Rampage will now deal less base attack damage (AD) at later ranks. The same goes for his E - Devastating Charge. Hecarim should now be a bit weaker at all levels, especially given his tank builds.

After being such a dominant force in the top-lane, Tryndamere has also been dealt with the same fate. Tryndamere’s R - Undying Rage’s cooldown will now have a longer cooldown. The cooldown reduction on his E - Spinning Slash, based on crit, is also being nerfed.


Items including Vampiric Sceptre, Blade of the Ruined King, Immortal Shieldbow, and Ornn’s upgrade item Bloodward are all getting their powers slashed in the next patch. Additionally, Fleet Footwork, and Legend: Bloodline is also nerfed to reduce the healing and lifesteal effects in the game.

The other headline changes in this patch are the Rengar rework and the introduction of a new rune called Treasure Hunter in the place of Ravenous Hunter.

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