Riot Games introduced the preview for LoL Patch 12.17 today and is changing up 20 champions


LoL Patch 12.17 Preview: Impactful Pro Picks Like Nami, Ahri, and Sivir Nerfed

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Riot Games revealed the preview for LoL Patch 12.17.
The company is happy with the way that the Summer Playoffs are going and only a few outliers will be adjusted in LoL Patch 12.17.

Riot Games has been revealing the changes lined up for LoL Patch 12.17 one after the other. The three major champion updates that were revealed are Maokai, Miss Fortune [MF], and Hecarim, who will all have significant changes to their item build path or their kits. With League of Legends (LoL) Patch 12.16 in play currently, the company has previewed the buffs, nerfs, and changes for the next patch which will all make it to the Public Beta Environment (PBE). In total, twenty champions are in for changes in Patch 12.17.

Talking about the patch, the Lead designer on game balance Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison said, “Playoffs have been pretty exciting and we're happy with the state of things. For 12.17, adjusting a few of the outliers, not trying for big swings here, but just trying to tap down a few outliers and add a few situational picks back into the meta. See @TheTruexy for Hec[arim]/MF lists.

Notably, LoL Patch 12.17 will be one of the final patches for League of Legends before the start of Worlds 2022.

Here are the changes lined up for Patch 12.17.

LoL Patch 12.17: Buffs

A total of nine champions are getting buffed this patch. They are as follows:

  • Miss Fortune

  • Twisted Fate

  • Kassadin

  • Rell

  • Graves

  • Nocturne

  • Ezreal

  • Camille

  • Sett

We already saw that Riot Games wanted to shift the focus away from Miss Fortune’s lethality builds by tuning her kit around critical strike chance and this buff could very well come into play in the pro scene of League of Legends in a meta dominated by picks like Zeri and Sivir. In the top lane, Sett and Camille are getting their kits changed. Likewise, two jungle champions – Graves and Nocturne – are also receiving power spikes. Notably, Kassadin buffs could potentially shake up the mellowed-down meta in the mid-lane.

Nerfs in LoL Patch 12.17

The following are the champions that are getting nerfed in LoL Patch 12.17:

  • Nami (Electrocute)

  • Taric

  • Azir

  • Ahri

  • Sivir

  • Renekton

  • Wukong

  • Trundle

  • Sylas

These champions have all had big impacts on the state of the gameplay in League of Legends esports currently and looks like Riot Games wants to test the waters before the start of Worlds 2022.

In addition to the buffs and nerfs, the company has plans for item and champion adjustments in LoL Patch 12.17.

The champions who are getting adjusted are:

  • Maokai

  • Hecarim

Riot is also bringing forth exciting changes to the status system in the game by experimenting with StopWatch, Zhonya’s Hourglass, and Guardian Angel.

LoL Patch 12.17 is scheduled to go live on the servers on 8th September, according to Riot Games. Worlds 2022 is scheduled to kick off on 29th September with the Play-ins tournament stage. These changes look promising and present the possibility of a meta change at the international event.

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