LoL Esports 2024 Start Dates of all Regions & More Details


LoL Esports 2024: Major Changes & Start Dates of All Regions Listed

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Riot Games announced plenty of changes to the competitive landscape of League of Legends, event updates, and more!
In this article, we shall also take a closer look at the start dates of the major leagues including the LCK, LPL, LEC and the LCS.

On 4th December, alongside the announcement of new champion Smolder, Riot Games also put out plenty of exciting developments concerning the pro side of League of Legends (LoL). From declaring the number of slots per region for Worlds 2024 to the locations that shall be hosting the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) 2024 and Worlds, Riot Games surprised the fan base.

It noted, "Welcome to League of Legends Season 2024! We can’t wait to kick off the 14th season of LoL Esports, and we’re here to share the latest updates."

In this article, we will take a closer look at all the changes in the competitive landscape of League of Legends as well as the start dates for the first splits of all regions in LoL Esports.

Worlds 2024 Slots Explained: Changes to MSI & Worlds

Riot Games noted that it is focused on nurturing the future of the esport. Last year, it made several changes to the formats of MSI and Worlds and the publisher noted that it wants to continue increasing the stakes around the international tournaments. Riot also added that it wants to forge a stronger connection between MSI and Worlds.

As a result, in 2024, the following regions will have a base of 3 Worlds slots:

  • League of Legends EMEA [Europe, Middle East & Africa] Championship: LEC

  • League of Legends Championship Series: LCS

  • League of Legends Champions Korea: LCK

  • League of Legends Pro League: LPL

Meanwhile, the Pacific Championship Series (PCS) and the Vietnam Championship Series (VCS) will retain their two Worlds slots each. Lastly, the The Liga Latinoamérica (LLA) and Campeonato Brasileiro de League of Legends (CBLOL) will each retain one Worlds slot.

Riot Games added, "With these changes, we will be introducing new ways for teams and regions to show their strength and earn additional Worlds slots through their performance at MSI."

For the first time ever, the MSI 2024 winning team will be awarded a guaranteed spot at Worlds and this will count as an additional slot for their region. Likewise, the next best performing region at MSI will also secure an additional seed for their region at the year-end championship.

However, the team that qualifies early for Worlds must show its commitment to the esport by qualifying for its region's Summer Playoffs and if the team is from LEC, by qualifying for the LEC Regional Finals.

MSI 2024 & Worlds 2024 Locations

Riot Games noted that MSI 2024 will be held in Chengdu, China and this will be the first time Riot has brought a global LoL Esports event to this vibrant city. MSI 2024 will be held between 1st and 19th May 2024.

Meanwhile, as we already know, Worlds 2024 is headed to Europe. While the grand finals will be taking place in London, England, at the iconic O2 Arena, the tournament will kick off Worlds in Berlin at the newly remodeled Riot Games Arena for the Play-Ins and Swiss Stages.

Following this, Worlds will move to the Adidas Arena in Paris, France, for both Quarterfinals and Semifinals.

Worlds 2024 will take place from 25th September and conclude on 2nd November.

Regional Leagues' Start Dates Announced

Riot Games also announced the start dates for the first splits of the LoL Esports 2024 calendar. They are as follows:

  • LEC: 13th January

  • LLA: 16th January

  • LCK: 17th January

  • PCS: 19th January

  • LCS: 20th January

  • VCS: 20th January

  • CBLOL: 20th January

  • LPL: 22nd January

In addition to these changes, Riot Games announced the commemoration of the 14th year of LoL Esports by introducing LoL Esports Hall of Legends. It will be honoring all those "who have made a lasting impact on the game, the sport, and the community."

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