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Lifeline and Loba May Have Been Secretly Buffed in Apex Legends Season 15

Abhimannu Das
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A new hidden change allows only Lifeline and Loba players to access the blue loot bins.
This may completely change the Arenas meta as all bins in the mode are blue.
It is unknown if Lifeline will be the only one who can open the secret compartment.

There is a change in Apex Legends Season 15 that was not mentioned in the patch notes. Players who have early access to the new season noted that Lifeline and Loba are now the only legends who are able to open the blue bins in Apex Legends. If you are not a “support” legend you will no longer be able to access the blue bins, which is an indirect buff as these bins can contain essential items. It is possible that the interaction is a bug but if it is not, this is one of the biggest buffs support players could have asked for.

What do the changes to blue bins mean for Apex Legends players?

The most significant difference between orange and blue supply bins is that Lifeline can access the blue ones for extra supplies. Here are some quick facts about the blue supply bins in Apex Legends that you should know about: 

  • Only Lifeline and Loba can access the extra compartment in blue supply bins in Apex Legends if the change goes through.

  • The bins contain higher-quality weapon attachments, knockdown shields, and healing items.

  • The blue bins do not have specified spawns except in specific areas

If you are playing Lifeline or Loba and you find a blue supply bin in Apex Legends you will be able to open it. The bins do not spawn weapons but you can get essentially every other type of item in the game.

Blue supply bins were added to the game back in Season 4 and they have been a great addition to the game for Lifeline players. With Loba getting access to the bins as well, it is a great change overall. But only time will tell if the interaction is a bug or a feature.

Lifeline was a premier pick during the early seasons of Apex Legends but she has fallen off the meta over time. In Season 9 she received a rework which did buff her quite a bit. The healing speed on her health drone is much faster, allowing her to top off her health quicker than ever before. The ultimate cooldown was also reduced by one minute and the supply drops adjust the loot based on what your teammates need. 

Players will no longer have to worry about getting unnecessary items in the late game. However, these changes were not enough to make her viable but the new loot bin changes might be enough to warrant running a support legend like Lifeline or Loba in your team.

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