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Apex Legends Brings Back Disruptor Rounds but There’s a Catch

Abhimannu Das
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RE-45 is entering the care package with Disruptor Rounds and increased base damage in Apex Legends Season 15.
The Mastiff is returning to the ground loot with some balance changes to make it less powerful than its care package version.
The Anvil Receiver is also making a return for the Flatline and R-301.

Apex Legends Season 15 is arriving today and the worst fear of any Season Zero player has returned. The Disruptor Rounds hop-up has returned to the game but thankfully, it is accessible only if you pick up the RE-45 from a care package. The Disruptor-Hammerpoint combo will not be available to the playerbase as the Hammerpoint Rounds hop-up is being removed from the game temporarily and the Anvil Receiver is being added in its place. The balance changes in the new update are for weapons only and there are no legend balance changes in the new update.

Apex Legends Season 15 balance changes

The Mastiff is returning to the ground loot pool to make room for the RE-45 and now we have an abundance of shotguns to choose from. The golden weapon rotation has also been changed and the weapons available this season include R-301, Devotion LMG, 30-30 Repeater, EVA-8 and Prowler Burst PDW. The entry to ranked mode has also been raised from level 10 to 20. 

Here are all of the balance changes that have been made for Apex Legends Season 15: 

Double Tap Trigger [EVA-8, G7 Scout]

  • Rarity tier increased to legendary

  • Improved Recoil for burst fire Scout

Turbocharger [Devotion, HAVOC]

  • Damage reduced by 1 when equipped

Hammerpoint Rounds [Mozambique, P2020, RE-45]

  • Removed from floor loot and crafting bundles

Boosted Loader [Hemlok, Wingman]

  • Removed from floor loot and crafting bundles

Kinetic Feeder [Peacekeeper, TripleTake]

  • Removed from floor loot and crafting bundles

Crafting Rotation

  • M600 Spitfire enters the crafter

  • Peacekeeper enters the crafter

  • Havoc returns to the floor

  • P2020 returns to the floor

Rampage LMG

  • Begins charged on first-time pickup from the supply drop

  • Removed heat decay over time

Rampage & Sentinel

  • Can re-charge the Rampage and Sentinel before previous charge has expired


  • Ammo capacity increased from 4 to 5

  • Widened blast pattern

  • Damage per pellet reduced from 14 to 11

  • Projectile growth reduced

  • Reload can now be canceled with ADS (Aim Down Sight)


  • Damage increased from 12 to 14

  • Disruptor Rounds increase damage against shields by 30%


  • Reduced recoil at the beginning of the pattern

  • Stow animations adjusted to better match timings

Volt SMG

  • Reduced projectile speed

  • Increased projectile gravity

Triple Take

  • Rate of fire increased from 1.2 to 1.35

  • Choke charge time reduced from 1.1 to 0.75


  • Increased blue magazine size from 24 to 25

  • Increased purple magazine size from 27 to 28


  • Projectile growth reduced

Apex Legends Season 15 launches on 1st November with Catalyst, the new Broken Moon map, a new battle pass, and more. There are no legend changes in the new patch but the developers have hinted at balance changes to scan legends coming soon.

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