Leaks suggested Riot Games be developing Valorant 1v1 Arena Game Mode


Leaks Suggest Valorant 1v1 Arena Game Mode in the Making

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Valorant players may be in for a treat soon with a potential 1v1 game mode.
According to leaks, Riot Games is developing a 1v1 Arena game mode for players where they can duel it out.
However, Riot Games has not confirmed or denied these leaks.

Asking your enemy for a 1v1 is pretty common in League of Legends and players usually duel it out in a custom game or do the Baron Pit dodgeball with Dr. Mundo on the Summoner’s Rift. But how do players 1v1 in Valorant? Well, Riot Games might just have the answer. Players need not undergo the hassle of creating a custom game for 1v1 anymore. Valorant leaks are suggesting that the developers are working on a Valorant 1v1 Arena game mode.

This 1v1 Arena game mode will let players compete with their own skills and headshot their pals and prove who’s the best. This might come in handy as part of the usual training routine along with the usual practice on the Range. However, these leaks have not been confirmed by Riot Games. Here is everything we know about the 1v1 Arena game mode so far.

1v1 Arena game mode in Valorant

On Twitter, Valorant content creator and influencer Valorleaks wrote, “Seems a 1v1 Arena Gamemode is currently in development.” A screenshot of the Valorant client was also attached along with the tweet which showed the 1v1 Arena game mode beside the Deathmatch option.

Additionally, further leaks suggest that this game mode will be a best-of-ten or best-of-thirteen rounds. Valorleaks added, “Alright, some additional details from what I've heard it's either a Bo10 or Bo13. Still in dev, so who knows if it will even make it out of development. AT LEAST IT'S A GAME MODE LOL.

If the 1v1 Arena game mode is a BO10 or BO13, players will have to win a minimum of six or seven rounds to win the match.

A Twitter user mirrored the common sentiment of the community and said, “Honestly, I think this will be a better addition for practicing instead of a deathmatch. Deathmatch spawns are worst than ever and people hopping in it get tilted even before some ranks, so this should be better, and let's hope it gets implemented.

Another screenshot of a new Valorant lobby showed that there was another queue option called “Quick Play” mode. Players are guessing that it is probably a condensed version of Unrated with just seven rounds required to win instead of 13.

Leaked Valorant lobby screenshots suggested 1v1 and Quick Play Game Mode in development

Leaked Valorant lobby screenshots suggested 1v1 and Quick Play Game Mode in development

In the last week of May, following the backlash for Riot brushing away a replay system, Riot Games stated that there was “more” than just the replay system in the works. With that being said, players can look forward to spotting new features in Valorant in the coming months.

However, fans need to take these leaks with a pinch of salt because, if game modes like the 1v1 Arena are in development, there is a high chance that they might not even see the light of day if the company is not happy with the progress it has made.

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