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League of Legends' Vex: Abilities, Official Splash Art, Release Date Revealed

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Vex is League of Legends' latest champion and she will have the ability to function as a "burst mage."
The new champion will be available in patch 11.19 on 23rd Sept 2021.
Players can also try her out in the public beta environment (PBE) starting 8th Sept 2021.

The long-awaited ‘gloomy yordle’ champion, Vex is finally readying up for release in League of Legends. Fans got a first look at her during the Rise of the Sentinels event earlier this year but she is not yet playable. The official release date is now available and Vex will be making her way into League of Legends in patch 11.19 on 23rd Sept 2021. She will be available on the test servers on 8th Sept 2021. The new trailer shows her off as lazy and grumpy, a trait that is not really synonymous with other yordle champions like Poppy, Teemo, and Tristana. Her abilities are yet to be revealed but fans will be able to test her out in the public beta environment next week, ahead of release.

What are Vex’s abilities in League of Legends

According to reports, Vex’s role was originally designed to be an artillery mage but she was tweaked to be a burst mage, which caused a delay in her release date. League of Legends lead producer of Champions, Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mireles, said, “she gets annoyed as hell with hyperactive champions dashing all around her. It’s enough to make her get serious and start clobbering all lifeforms full of irritating happiness dashing around her like pesky flies.

This bit of information suggests that she may have some form of slow effect in her abilities. With Yordles being capable of spiritual or elemental magic, Vex should be capable of harnessing powers akin to Lulu and Rumble.

In terms of lore, Vex may be Yuumi’s missing master. According to the official lore, Yuumi’s master disappeared by using the Book of Thresholds to “teleport to a dangerous place” which falls in line with Vex being in the Shadow Isles. There are portals outside Bandle City which connect to the Shadow Isles.

The trailer shows that Vex’s shadow is a separate entity and it may be her ultimate ability. She also seems to have high mobility and can allow her shadow to carry her to move faster, but the abilities showcased in the trailer are subject to change.

Vex official splash art

Here is the official splash art for Vex in League of Legends. You can download it here.

Vex official splash art - League of Legends

When will Vex be playable?

Vex’s release date in League of Legends is 23rd Sept 2021 with patch 11.19. However, a public beta environment release will be available on 8th Sept 2021.

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