League of Legends champion Akshan who underwent an unintentional nerf


League of Legends Pros React to Akshan’s Unintentional Nerf Thanks to a Bug

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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With the release of Patch 12.1, League of Legends champion Akshan was facing issues around his passive - Dirty Fighting
League of Legends pros and personalities took to social media to showcase their disappointment
The League of Legends community also listed out a slew of minor bugs plaguing the game

An unintentional, game-changing bug seems to have crept its way into the Rift after the release of Patch 12.1, making Akshan unplayable, according to League of Legends pros and players. Pros like Vitality’s Luka "Perkz" Perković and Rogue’s Andrei "Odoamne" Pascu noticed the bug and reacted to it on social media, but it wasn’t just the professionals who were unhappy. Calling it a significant “nerf” by Riot Games, the community took to social media to voice its concerns about the champion’s passive - Dirty Fighting which caused stutter and lag.

On a Reddit thread about the bug, Rioter Kevin “Beluga Whale” Huang, associate game designer, assured the community that Riot was looking into it, adding that the developers, “Probably broke something when working on fixing a separate bug.” But in a reply to a tweet Riot Support wrote that it received reports and that it was not confirmed as a bug, yet.

Akshan’s passive and auto attack bug

Akshan’s passive plays a major role in his kit. Every third auto attack and ability deals bonus damage and if the target is a champion, it also grants him a shield. After every auto attack Akshan fires an additional attack for reduced damage. Canceling the additional auto attack allows him to move faster.

According to several players, Akshan felt laggy while casting the second auto attack and that it dealt no damage. Apart from this, the second auto attack’s damage only worked on the third attack with none of the on-hit effects including the increased move speed working as intended.

In the higher skill tiers of Master and Challenger, with a pick rate of 14% and a win rate of 53.2%, Akshan is deemed a strong mid-laner. Those who main the champion know the timing and feel of his passive and put it to efficient use. But with the new patch update, players have been complaining of reduced damage from auto attacks and in some cases where they don’t even register, thanks to the unintentional nerf.

League of Legends pros and personalities react to Akshan bug

Team Vitality mid-laner Perkz expressed his unhappiness about the bug plaguing the champion’s gameplay and pleaded for it to be fixed. League of Legends European Championship (LEC) freelance caster Medic was swift to comment on the Tweet, responding by posting an image, suggesting to just ban Akshan.

Perkz's tweet on Akshan's unintentional nerf and Medic's reply to it

Top-laner and pro player for Rogue, Odoamne, also wondered how Akshan, a champion that was left untouched in Patch 12.1, was hit so hard by a “spaghetti code” that sneaked in.

Mythic Item border bug

One of the other major concerns that surfaced was the appearance of item borders - a small orange square - in different places on the screen. Some pointed out that it was caused by Mythic items and items with unique actives and could be temporarily fixed by moving around the items to different slots on the bottom right side of the screen.

One Twitter user pointed out that the box has been all over his screen “in random places in the last few days.”

Pro player Coatpustmain commented about a visual bug on Odoamne's tweet on Akshan's unintentional nerf

Apart from this, the community also pointed out a slew of minor bugs after the release of Patch 12.1 in a Reddit Megathread, of which some of them were reportedly hotfixed.

With the very first patch of Season 2022 having so many in-game bugs, some even affecting gameplay, the community has questioned the need for visual updates to the client and Ranked Crests, which could have been done at any time.

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