League of Legends Patch 12.22B brings buffs to a number of tanks and jungle champions.


League of Legends Patch 12.22B Update: Champion and Item Buffs

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League of Legends 12.22B brings buffs to a number of tanks and jungle champions.
New items added in patch 12.22 have also been buffed.

As Riot Games gears up for League of Legends Season 13, a number of preseason changes have gone live in patch 12.22. The developer is making tweaks, adding new balance changes and testing out features coming to the game in the new season. There are a number of smaller changes, that are coming to League of Legends patch 12.22B including jungle champion and tank changes.

League Of Legends Patch 12.22B buffs tank items and junglers

A number of tanks and junglers like Amumu, Ivern, Kindred, Maokai, Shaco and Rammus are getting buffs in the micropatch. There are no champion nerfs in micropatch 12.22B.

Some of the tank items added in the latest patch were not doing that great, so Riot decided to buff them in the micro patch. Tank items added in patch 12.22 like Jak’Sho, The Protean, and Radiant Virtue are getting buffs. Rod of Ages which was re-added to the game during patch 12.22 is getting a small buff. Dualists have been using the Ravenous Hydra as a standard item to dominate the lane, so to balance out the top lane meta, Riot has decided to nerf the item in the micropatch.

Riot Phroxzon explained that developer wants to see tank items as a flexible purchase for players. Mythics especially are intended to be purchased flexibly as the first or second item. Phroxzon said in a tweet, “Sometimes it's right to buy Sunfire -> Mythic and sometimes Mythic -> Something else.” About the tank changes in the patch, Phroxzon said, “We're waiting to assess the balance of all the items in the tank system with more games and then reshape individual champs accordingly.”

He also mentioned that Archangel's Staff/Seraph’s Emrbace changes on the PBE (Public Beta Environment) were not "quite at the quality bar for ship", so Riot decided to release them when they are "ready".

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