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League of Legends’ Next AD Carry Delayed to 2022

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League of Legends' champion roadmap has been updated for 2021 and there will be no more champions added to the game this year.
The AD (Attack Damage) carry that was supposed to release in 2021 will be pushed to next year, and Riot Games is considering adding an extra champion to the game in 2022 to compensate.
The dev team is working on a visual update for Udyr as well as an art and sustainability update which will release later this year.

Riot Games released a new Champion Roadmap for September 2021 which shed some bad news for fans awaiting the game’s next AD carry. The dev team had initially planned to release a new AD (Attack Damage) carry by the end of this year but fans will have to wait until 2022 to get their hands on the new champion. League of Legends’ Lead Producer of Champions Ryan “Reav3” Mireles stated in the roadmap that two new champions were “originally meant to tie into an event, but as development went on it became clear they didn’t quite fit. We felt good about both champions’ directions and didn’t want to change them to fit in with the event, so we decided to stay true to their characters.”

The team is not sure how it will affect the game’s 2022 schedule just yet but it is possible that an extra champion may be released next year to compensate. More details will be available in the next Champion Roadmap. The game will also receive its first major Art and Sustainability Update later this year.

What to expect from League of Legends’ next champions

Riot games has promised an “electrifying” start to 2022 with a new bot lane marksman. Reav3 revealed the upcoming champion will be fast-paced and their kit will have the pacing of a shooter. The team is currently exploring more basic attack concepts in League. While the team has worked on alternate auto-attacks with champions like Jhin and Xayah, the upcoming champions will offer something completely different. Reav3 is excited for the upcoming champion and said in the dev update “I’m getting amped just thinking about it, and if you are as well, get ready for a hyper new champion very early next year.”

Udyr to receive a visual and graphics (VGU) update

Udyr League of Legends

Udyr is getting a visual and graphics update (VGU) but there is no official word on when it will be available. Riot Games will release a separate blog to talk about his design changes sometime soon. Designer Justin “Riot Earp” Albers has been working on Udyr’s changes and will be making each of his stances associated with a Freljordian demigod, a well-received idea that was floated to the community in a previous blog.

An Art and Sustainability Update is coming in 2021

Riot Games will be pushing out its first ‘Art and Sustainability Update’ (ASU) later this year. According to Reav3, an ASU is a visual refresh that allows us to bring a champion closer to modern expectations. The goal of ASU's is to help bring some of League’s older champions up to our modern quality standards, fix older technical issues, and make it easier to make new skins for those champions in the future. Older champions will be first in line to get the visual updates and the very first ASU is expected to drop later in 2021.

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