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League of Legends ‘Arcane’ Release Date Revealed

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League of Legends animated series ‘Arcane’ is set to release on 6th November 2021 on Netflix.
The upcoming series will focus on the origin stories of champions Vi and Jinx and the conflict between Piltover and Zaun.
Riot Games is expanding to non-esports content with the release of a new Pentakill album, a single-player RPG 'Ruined King', and the new Arcane TV series.

Netflix series ‘Arcane’, which is based in the League of Legends universe finally has a release date. Riot Games confirmed that the upcoming series will be launching on 6th November and the studio also released a full-length trailer which gave fans a preview of what to expect from the upcoming series.

While Riot Games has released countless short cinematics over the past decade, this is the first time that a mainstream TV series is being made in the universe of Runeterra, the fictional world League is based in. Champions Jinx and Vi who debuted in League of Legends , will be the two major characters according to the trailer and there are also glimpses of other characters like Caitlyn and Heimerdinger who might have supporting roles in the upcoming series.

What to expect from League of Legends ‘Arcane’

Netflix and Riot Games are working together to bring Arcane to fans on 6th November, 2021. This will be Riot Games’ first TV series and it will feature Jinx and Vi, two of the oldest characters from League of Legends. Jinx draws parallels to Harley Quinn from the DC universe, where the character has descended into madness due to past incidents which we will get a better glimpse of in the upcoming series. Vi is a former criminal who is now working with the Wardens of Piltover.

Arcane is an animated series developed and produced by Riot Games in partnership with Fortiche Productions. The series will be set in the city of Piltover, which is the most technologically advanced region in all of Runeterra.

There will also be a focus on Zaun, which is the underbelly of Piltover and it is home to slums that are plagued with industrial waste. There seems to be some conflict between both cities and the story will take a deep-dive into the issues between both regions through the eyes of Vi and Jinx.

Riot Games is working on multiple projects outside of its esports titles, which includes Arcane, a single-player RPG dubbed Ruined King and a new Pentakill music album. It remains to be seen if the publisher expands the Runeterra universe with more TV series or even movies.

League of Legends Arcane Release Date: Where to watch

The series will be available exclusively on Netflix. Fans can watch it once it launches on 6th November.

Arcane (Netflix): https://www.netflix.com/in/title/81435684

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