League of Legends New King Viego Skin Features Queen Isolde

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Riot Games is releasing a new skin for Viego and it also shows his Queen Isolde.
The skin is now on the PBE and is expected to release in LoL Patch 12.17.

League of Legends fans are yet again getting treated to a new variety of skins as Riot Games has pushed a handful of them on the Public Beta Environment (PBE). There are four new skins in total and three of them are featured in a dedicated skin line called Zenith Games whereas the other skin is for Viego and is called King Viego.

The King Viego skin draws inspiration from the deep lore of the Shadow Isles and also features the late Queen Isolde, who is not a playable League of Legends champion as of yet. The skin brings to life Viego and his wife Isolde when they led the kingdom of Camavor. The skin is expected to release in LoL Patch 12.17.

League of Legends fans get more on Isolde and Viego

The splash art for the King Viego skin portrays Viego asking for Isolde’s hand to dance with him and he is in his non-corrupted form. The skin represents the happy couple leading the Kingdom of Camavor and the color theme corresponds to gold and brightness as opposed to the dark and corrupted skins we already have for Viego. Isolde appears in the recall animation of the skin where she dances with Viego before disappearing into a dark mist, following which Viego breaks down and we get a glimpse of him getting corrupted. With League of Legends’ Ruination novel in the works, it is possible that Riot wants to drive more excitement through a dedicated skin.

In the PBE, the description of the skin read, “The heir of Camavor, wielder of the Blade of the King, Viego longs to follow in his father's footsteps. To his advisor Kalista, his doubts were clear long before his coronation, as whispers of the sword's bond echoed throughout the Sanctum of Judgement. But he wears the Argent Crown, and with his blade, Sanctity, Viego will strike fear into the enemies of his nation.

The skin is part of a skin line called the Ages of Runeterra. Since the King Viego skin has new particles and also features a non-playable champion – Isolde – the skin could be a Legendary one and if confirmed, it will be available in the store for 1820 RP.

Who is Isolde in League of Legends?

Isolde is the late wife of Viego and former Queen of Camavor. Her death started the events that culminated with The Ruination. Isolde was a poor seamstress born in a rural colony within Camavor and she also crafted Gwen. According to the lore, Viego fell in love with Isolde at first sight and asked for her hand in marriage, and loved her dearly. He refused to go anywhere without her and focused more on her than ruling his kingdom. This sowed contempt within his allies and he was a target for his enemies.

Isolde took the brunt of a poisoned blade that was meant to kill Viego. The King lost his sanity slowly as he witnessed his wife Isolde succumb to the poison.

Notably, the Ruination novel will narrate the tale of Kalista, military general to King Viego, and how she was dispatched to find a cure for Queen Isolde.

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