Fans ask for Arcane spinoff 


League of Legends Community Asks for Arcane Spinoff After Fan-Made Anime Intro

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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A fan-made anime edit for League of Legends has made a compelling case for an Arcane spinoff.
The fans of the game shared their thoughts and opinions of Arcane branching out of Piltover and Zaun and are enthusiastic for a traditional anime.
Riot Games has already explored the anime route with its Spirit Blossom cinematics.

A fan-made anime-inspired intro for League of Legends has been doing the rounds on social media and has been met with positive engagement from the community. Reddit user Cheesegrater74 created the intro and the thread “I Made a League of Legends Anime Opening.” The thread has already received 15.2K upvotes and has amassed over 500 comments. The fans of the game pounced at this opportunity to discuss the success of Arcane and for Riot to expand its success by exploring the other regions of the Runeterra universe. This fan video has led to fans pushing Riot Games to make an anime spinoff of Arcane.

Future of Arcane discussed


The fan-edit is almost a minute-and-a-half long and the Redditor has edited and spliced some clips from Riot’s past videos to make it complete. The video also features an upbeat music score along with Japanese and English subtitles.

The original poster reiterated that he was not involved in making the animations seen in the video but just edited scenes from Riot’s past projects.

In response to the video, one user said, “I do hope they make a “traditional” anime! Love Arcane, too.”

Another user in the thread commented, “To be honest I think Riot is missing an opportunity by sticking to just Arcane. Imagine if between Arcane season they worked with other companies to tell other stories, a bigger version of Tales of Runeterra, A Star Guardian anime working with one of the bigger anime studios, A deep dive lore series event that maybe dives into the past of the world long before the mortal champions would ever exist.”

Exploring new projects

Despite asking for an anime, the community also seemed to be aware of the time and resources it takes to create new shows or projects apart from the game. One user stressed this point and wrote, “Arcane is literally their first big splash into this kind of storytelling. They probably very much want to branch out into multiple formats, collaborations, etc., like they've already done with The Ruined King game and the Marvel comics. I don't think they're missing an opportunity, it's just way harder to get the sort of cinematic universe storytelling you're talking about going given the timeframe they've been working on it so far.

Another fan shared their thoughts on the future of Arcane and how the show could branch out. They said they would like to see one or two more seasons of Piltover and Zaun, following which the show should turn to the regions of Noxus, Freljord, Ionia, or Demacia.

Riot has always been on point when it comes to music videos and the cinematography of its trailers and teasers. League of Legends’ lore is intricate, deep, and diverse and the storylines are compelling. Riot has given League of Legends an anime touch in the past with its cinematics for the Spirit Blossom event. But it will be interesting to see whether it will delve into anime in the future. Riot is treating its fans to yet another show in 2022 called "Players", a sitcom in collaboration with Paramount+.

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