League of Legends Arcane: Is Caitlyn’s Mother Cassandra Dead in the Show?

The fan theories are wild!

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Riot Games released the third part of Arcane: Bridging the Rift and the fans noticed a new scene that was not featured in Season 1 of the show.
The fans are going wild with their theories on social media but if they are true, then the Kiramann Clan is in for a gloomy opening in Season 2.

League of Legends and Arcane fans have been getting treated every Thursday, since 4th August, with exclusive, behind-the-scenes content about Arcane and its making. Riot Games’ docuseries called Arcane: Bridging the Rift showcases how the hit TV show came to life and how it was made in collaboration with Fortiche Production. Arcane is Riot’s first TV series and it features some of the most loved League of Legends characters including sisters Vi and Jinx, Caitlyn, Heimerdinger, Jayce, and many more.

With the first season of Arcane having concluded, fans have been asking Riot Games for crumbs about Season 2’s launch, and Riot made it very clear that the second season is in production. Unlike the first season which took six years of production, the next season will come sooner, informed the publisher.

Part 3 of Arcane: Bridging the Rift entitled ‘Killstreaks Meet Keyframes’ came out on 18th August and fans were quick to notice that something was amiss in the Caitlyn Kiramann family. If you have not watched the show and are planning to watch it sometime in the future: Beware. Spoilers Ahead.!

The Kiramann clan in Arcane

The fans noticed some key aspects in a few seconds of behind-the-scenes content about Caitlyn and her family, but before getting into the details let us first examine who the Kiramanns are. The Kiramman Clan is one of the ruling houses of Piltover and they live a traditional elitist lifestyle. Caitlyn Kiramann is the daughter of Tobias Kiramann and Cassandra Kiramann and she later joins the Enforcers to earn a name for herself. Cassandra is the clan’s matriarch and a Piltover Ruling Council member.

Cassandra Kiramann can be seen in the last episode of Arcane – Episode 9: The Monster You Created, in the final few minutes. Season 1 of Arcane ended with Jinx grabbing a gemstone and her rocket launcher to fire the Super Mega Death Rocket at the Council. At the same time, every member of the Council raises their hand in favor of peace but the last frame shows Jinx’s rocket smashing the glass pane of the building.

What did fans notice in Part 3 of Bridging the Rift?

The third episode of Arcane: Bridging the Rift walked the audience through the step-by-step process of making a show from art to animation. In a segment where they were explaining that Fortiche does not use motion capture, the camera showed just a few seconds of a Caitlyn and Tobias interaction which was not seen in Season 1, and immediately cut back to the lead animators’ interview. Fans were intrigued by the scene that is seemingly in production and read between the lines. The frame shows a sorrowful Tobias surrounded by white flowers and Caitlyn comforts him with a cup of tea.

Traditionally, white flowers are used in bridal bouquets or during memorial services because they are associated with purity, innocence, and sympathy. Given that there is no wedding sequence happening in the scene, fans assumed that it was a funeral.

The fan theories on social media platforms including Twitter suspect that Caitlyn and her father Tobias Kiramann are looking at a coffin box. This could be a scrapped scene from Season 1 but with the way the season ended, it might very well be a funeral scene in production for Season 2 of Arcane. Fans think that Caitlyn and Tobias are grieving the death of Cassandra, who was in the Council room in the season finale when Jinx fired her rocket.

One Twitter user wrote, “Tobias’ hair is messy.... he's wearing comfort clothes.... his posture is slumped and defeated.... bouquets of flowers..... Cassandra is so dead.

However, this theory is a huge presumption and has to be taken with a pinch of salt since Riot Games is not going to leak their Season 2 plotline anytime soon. Although, if the theory turns out to be true, Caitlyn has more reasons to arrest Jinx herself and we will be seeing some interesting turns in her relationship with Vi as well.

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