Krafton CEO Reveals Plans to Create a PUBG Metaverse

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Krafton CEO, Chang-Han Kim revealed details of what's in store for PUBG fans in the future.
There are multiple webtoons in development to expand on PUBG's lore as well as other games.
A survival game dubbed The Callisto Project will be available on PCs and next-gen consoles at a later date.

Between the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India and the hype for the upcoming title PUBG New State, there is a lot going on for the PUBG franchise. Krafton CEO, Chang-Han Kim shared the company's vision of creating a PUBG Metaverse moving forward in a video and what recent developments have taken place at the company. The release of PUBG in 2017 reshaped the PC gaming scene with a lot of major publishers trying to emulate and expand on the game’s success in the battle royale genre. PUBG Mobile experienced even greater success with the game being downloaded over a billion times worldwide.

Krafton wants to commit to the user experience

In the video, the Krafton CEO talks about how the success of PUBG has shaped the company’s roadmap. Even after the release of PUBG New State, the company wants to expand on the franchise which means that we may get even more titles from the franchise in the future. He also talked about how regular updates to PUBG Mobile increased users engagement and they want to stick to a similar model where the company’s existing and future titles offer frequent updates to improve the user experience of players.

How Krafton wants to develop the PUBG metaverse

Kim talked about how the company wants to flesh out the lore in PUBG with upcoming titles and expand on its world-building. New State is set to release later this year and it features a more futuristic setting. The in-game year in New State is 2051 and all of the events take place decades after the original PUBG.

A survival game is also in the works, dubbed The Callisto Project, with no estimated release date. The studio confirmed that the game is part of the PUBG universe and it will be set sometime in the 2300s. All the studio revealed for now is that it will add to the lore of PUBG. More details on the upcoming game will be revealed as it gets closer to its release.

In addition to New State and Callisto Project, there are three new webtoon series that are set in three completely different eras of the PUBG universe. There are also some unannounced titles like Project Cowboy and Project Titan but the company did not share any details on what types of games these will be. The CEO concluded the online conference that Krafton wants to create a “complete interactive virtual world” for its fans through its ambitious projects.

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