Kerala-based Creator MenAtArms Streams Wedding on Loco to Over 70,000 Viewers

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The livestream on Loco got over 60,000 viewers in the first day alone.
MenAtArms said that he wanted to share his personal milestone with his audience.
He stated that his family and wife were surprised by how many fans turned out and the love they have received from fans.

Athul “MenAtArms” Jayadev, who is a content creator from Kerala, India, streamed his wedding to over 70,000 viewers on Loco earlier this month. Indian weddings are known for their pomp and fervor and the content creator wanted to share all of the celebrations with his viewers. Social media influencers, streamers, and other personalities are closer to their audience than ever before and MenAtArms wanted to share one of the most memorable days of his life with his viewers who have supported him throughout his career.

Why MenAtArms streamed his wedding to his viewers 

MenAtArms said that his online community has been a big part of his journey which is why he wanted to share his wedding celebrations with his fans. He said, “It was important for me that they witnessed an important personal milestone as well. Extending an invitation to my large family of online viewers is difficult. Nevertheless, I wanted to make sure they were a part of my celebration and that led me to live stream my wedding. When I set up the stream I did not expect a big turnout, but I am happy, especially my wife and my family, with how it has turned out and all the love I received.”

The wedding took place on 21st October and it got over 60,000 views on the first day alone. Since then, the video has clocked over 70,000 views and counting. Creators and their fans are the core of any livestreaming service and it is not every day that you get to see a full-blown Indian wedding on a livestreaming platform.

The full livestream is still available for fans to view on Loco. The wedding took place adhering to traditional norms and it was far from the usual content you would otherwise find on a gaming and esports platform like Loco.

Livestreaming is growing rapidly in India and homegrown platforms like Loco have helped with that tremendously. Previously, it was difficult to find streamers who created content in regional languages but that has changed over the past few years. Creators like MenAtArms have been able to flourish in the content creation space and there is more gaming and esports content for the Indian audience than ever before.

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