The Type Face skin in Call of Duty Warzone looks oddly similar to masked musician BoyWithUke


Is There a BoyWithUke Skin in Call of Duty Warzone?

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Call of Duty Warzone players are noticing similarities between an in-game skin and a masked musician.
The Type Face skin is a futuristic neon masked skin for Butcher in the game.

Call of Duty Warzone Season four introduced a ton of new content for players to access including Fortune’s Keep, the latest battle royale map perfect for close-quarters combat. Players can now enjoy new weapons and operators to customize their experience and they can also purchase the new Type Face operator skin for Butcher. This is an exclusive skin in Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 which is bringing a futuristic neon mask into the World War 2 era on Fortune’s Keep.

However, players were quick to make the association between the Type Face operator skin and masked musician BoyWithUke. Players have been making YouTube shorts showing the similarities between the Type Face skin and BoyWithUke.

Who is BoyWithUke?

BoyWithUke is a writer, singer, and producer and nobody knows who he really is. He is an anonymous 19-year-old musician living in Massachusetts, USA, and has taken over TikTok by storm. He has earned more than 3.5 Million followers on the app and according to Billboard, he has had 196.2 Million streams in the USA up till February.

He wears an opaque face shield with two unblinking LED blue eyes and makes songs in the alt-pop genre inspired by artists like Twenty One Pilots, Milky Chance, and Dominic Fike.

In a conversation with Billboard, he said, “Growing up, I was in a very judgmental environment and I was bullied for my voice. I was afraid of how people would view me if they knew it was me singing. Having the mask allows me to be myself without fear of judgment from others. And I want people to really pay attention to the music, rather than what I look like.

BoyWithUke is not a stranger when it comes to playing games. Recently, he played Fortnite with FaZe Clan’s Lucas “Blaze” Mosing.

Did Call of Duty Warzone collaborate with BoyWithUke?

Though the Type Face skin looks very similar to the mask worn by BoyWithUke, the company has not collaborated with the musician. The Call of Duty Warzone community is saying that Activision and Raven Software could have been inspired by the futuristic look that BoyWithUke has for the Type Face operator skin.

To unlock the Type Face skin or the unofficial BoyWithUke Call of Duty Warzone skin, players will have to purchase the Season 4 battle pass bundle, which includes the traditional battle pass along with 20 tier skips and the exclusive Type Face skin. It costs 2,400 CP, which is 1,400 more than the regular battle pass.

However, upon completion of the battle pass, players will be rewarded with 1,000 CP which means that they will only technically spend 1,400 CP to purchase the bundle.

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