Biggest Indian Pokemon Streamer Joins Godlike Esports


India's Biggest Pokemon Streamer Joins GodLike Esports as Content Creator

Another competitive mobile title on its way up the ladder.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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GodLike Esports signs Poke Venger, an Indian streamer who is dedicated towards streaming and creating content around Pokemon.
Poke Venger plays multiple Pokemon games including Pokemon Unite, whose competitive scene is slowly gaining traction within India.
Poke Venger currently has more than 65,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

GodLike Esports continues to expand its roster of content creators with the addition of a Pokemon streamer and content creator, Honey "Poke Venger" Diwan, who currently has more than 65,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel - PokeVenger Gaming.

He is one of the few streamers from India who is dedicated towards creating content that mainly focuses on Pokemon, this includes the latest mobile title Pokemon Unite, which is slowly gaining momentum within the Indian gaming community.

The official announcement was made by GodLike Esports via a short video clip posted on its Instagram page on 19th December.

GodLike Esports expands its team of content creators with the addition of Poke Venger

According to Poke Venger, he is India's first Pokemon content creator (Poketuber). While this statement might be hard to prove there is no denying the fact that he is the biggest streamer dedicated towards different games that fall under the umbrella of this brand.

His livestreams mostly revolve around Pokemon Unite which is currently the most famous title under the Pokemon franchise, with views averaging from anywhere around 15,000 to 20,000.

As for the content that he uploads, it is a mix of different titles like Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, A Plague Tale, Pokemon Let's Go, Ghostwire: Tokyo, and more.

Apart from this there are times when Poke Venger goes out of his way to share things like exciting stuff going on in the Pokemon series, unboxing hauls, and similar fun content to keep things fresh and interesting.

The current channel, PokeVenger Gaming, is actually his second channel which he opened on 18th August 2021, before that he used to have another YouTube channel which apparently had more than 200,000 subscribers, as can be seen from this Instagram post dated 27th November 2018.

It will be interesting to see how this addition to GodLike's content creation team helps him achieve more growth in his career while also helping out the organization reach new heights.

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