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How to Show Off 2022 MSI Team Emotes in League of Legends?

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Fans can support their favorite teams competing at the 2022 MSI by showing off their team emotes while inside the game.
The 2022 MSI team emotes can be bought from the store currently for 350 RP each.

The 2022 Mid-Season Invitational is all set to kick off on 10th May and the League of Legends community is excited to watch the first international event of the year. Fans can support their favorite teams and can even cheer them on from inside the game client. One of the ways to do so is to unlock the 2022 MSI team emotes in the game client and show them off while playing the different modes available in League of Legends.

What are emotes in League of Legends?

Essentially, emotes are expressive caricature-y images used in League of Legends as cosmetic flares while inside the game. The emotes typically present images of different champions, and little legends, portraying different expressions. Players can access the radial for the emotes by using the default hotkey T. They can also set up the emotes before the start of the game by navigating to the “Collection” tab in the client and then accordingly equipping their favorite emotes.

Emotes in League of Legends

What are the 2022 MSI Team emotes?

All the eleven participating teams in the 2022 MSI have their own logos designed as emotes inside the game. Players can choose to unlock these emotes and add them to their emote wheel so that they can spam them while playing League of Legends.

The following 2022 MSI emotes are available in the store currently:

  • DetonatioN FocusMe Emote

  • Evil Geniuses Emote

  • fastPay Wildcats Emote

  • G2 Esports Emote

  • ORDER Emote

  • PSG Talon Emote

  • RED Kalunga Emote

  • Royal Never Give Up Emote

  • Saigon Buffalo Emote

  • T1 Emote

  • Team Aze Emote

How to buy the 2022 MSI Team emotes?

The 2022 MSI Team emotes are on sale currently in the League of Legends store. Players need to log into their game client and navigate to the Store and click on the ‘Accessories’ tab. This will lead them to the page containing emotes, Clash tickets, ward skins, and other collectibles.

2022 MSI Team emotes

How much do the team emotes cost?

Every individual team emote is priced at 350 Riot Points (RP) in the League of Legends store as of now. However, players can choose to purchase an MSI 2022 Emote Bundle which is priced at 1342 RP.

Apart from these emotes, players will also have the opportunity to get their hands on exclusive 2022 MSI-related drops by watching the matches live on the LoLEsports website. Notably, these drops are random and can happen at any time of the day, and are connected to certain moments of the tournament.

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