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How to Play Apex Legends Shadow Royale

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Apex Legends Shadow Royale is now available in the playlist up until the launch of Season 11.
The limited-time mode will offer exclusive rewards including a Loba skin, battle pass XP, legend trackers and other cosmetics.
If you miss out on any Monsters Within skins, they will become available two seasons later at a lower crafting cost.

Apex Legends’ Monsters Within event is in its third week and the fan favorite Shadow Royale game mode has finally returned. Players were disappointed when Respawn announced that the Halloween-exclusive game mode would not be available for the entire duration of the seasonal event but it is finally here and fans have one week to try it out. Apex Legends Shadow Royale is a chaotic version of the standard battle royale mode as players can have infinite revives and there are AI-controlled dog-like beasts called Prowlers that can assist you when you are the last surviving member. Here is everything you need to know about the new game mode and how you can play it.

Apex Legends Shadow Royale Overview

The Shadow Royale game mode in Apex Legends went live on 26th October and it will be available until 2nd November 2021 up until the launch of Season 11. Any form of damage or kill badges will not be awarded in this limited-time mode but there are event-exclusive items that can be earned.

The biggest change from the standard battle royale modes is that as long as you have one surviving member on your team, dead allies can respawn as zombies. When in zombie form, you will not be able to equip weapons or armor. However, you get a boost to your melee damage and range, and you can also double jump and wall ride.

Apex Legends Shadow Royale Rewards

Players have one week to earn the following rewards while the Shadow Royale event is live:

  • Loba Monsters Within Skin

  • Loba Monsters Within Gun Charm

  • Loba Trackers (Set of 3)

  • 30 Battle Pass Stars

  • 1 Apex Pack

Apex Legends Shadow Royale Rewards

There are daily quests that will be available throughout the event and players can complete them to earn XP towards unlocking the rewards. Players need to earn a total of 3000 XP to earn all of the rewards available during the event.

If you miss out on any of the Monsters Within skins, you will be able to craft them even after the event ends. However, the crafting cost will be reduced after Season 12 and you might want to consider saving your crafting materials for now if you have limited resources.

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