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Ash Apex Legends Abilities Revealed

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Ash is Apex Legends' newest character and she feels like a more offensive version of Wraith with tracking capabilities.
Ash can tether enemies and open a one-way portal to reach target locations while her passive allows her to scout out recent deathboxes and surviving players.
The legend will be playable starting 2nd November once Season 11: Escape launches.

After weeks of teasers, Respawn has finally revealed Ash’s abilities in Apex Legends. The new legend will be making her appearance in-game as a playable legend for the first time on 2nd November 2021. She was an antagonist in Titanfall 2 and has been a part of the Apex Legends lore since Season 5. She will be releasing with Apex Legends’ fourth map on 2nd November as part of Season 11: Escape. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming character.

Ash’s abilities in Apex Legends

Ash will fulfil a role similar to Wraith but with even more offensive capabilities. Before any announcements were made, former pro player and NRG content creator Brandon “aceu” Winn claimed that Wraith would not be played after Ash releases next season. His prediction does not seem far off given Ash’s ability kit.

Snare (Tactical): Ash’s Snare allows her to throw down a spinning blade that can shock and tether enemies that get too close to it. It is like an Arc Star but with a better stun effect and it looks like its usage could have a high skill cap considering how difficult it is to land Arc Stars at a distance.

Ash - Apex Legends 

Phase Breach (Ultimate): It is a one-way portal that instantly sends you to your target location in a straight line. While it might not have the supporting capabilities of Wraith’s portals, it can be used very offensively or to get out of sticky situations in an instant.

Marked for Death (Passive): Ash will be able to see the locations of recent deathboxes and if any surviving players are nearby, she will be able to track them. While it is not as potent as other Recon character abilities, it can be very useful to hunt down players who are escaping and prevent them from respawning their teammates.

New Maps, Weapons, PvE mode and more coming to Apex Legends in Season 11

The game’s newest map ‘Storm Point’ will be added to the game next season and it will feature tropical islands with some monsters to fight, an addition of PVE elements to the game. The C.A.R. SMG from Titanfall 2 will be added to the game and it looks like it will be the first gun to use both Light and Heavy ammo.

Battle pass content was also revealed and it will include a standard suite of exclusive skins and other cosmetics. Players can expect a Christmas event sometime in December as well as the seasonal Collection event with a brand-new heirloom and cosmetics.

The new season will be available on 2nd November 2021.

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