Here is all you need to know about the Butterfly Knife Easter Egg in Valorant Black Market Bundle.


How to Get Butterfly Knife Easter Egg in Valorant Black Market Bundle

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The Black Market bundle was inspired by weapons in Counter Strike.
Unknown to many players, there was a hidden easter egg with the butterfly knife.

The previous Valorant patch added the Black Market bundle to the store. The bundle is reminiscent of classic Counter Strike (CS) weapons with the Classic pistol resembling a Glock while the Vandal looks like an AK-47 and the Bulldog looks like the FAMAS. Players who bought the butterfly knife from the bundle discovered an easter egg which turns it into the Fade or Sapphire weapon skins found in Counter Strike. Here is what the Butterfly Knife Easter Egg in Valorant Black Market Bundle is all about.

Valorant Black Market Easter Egg: How to get the Fade or Sapphire butterfly knife variant

There is no sure shot way to get the Black Market easter egg to trigger. The Fade and Sapphire butterfly knife variant may get triggered randomly during a round in the game. While some players were able to get the easter egg to trigger easily, others have had to wait for a long time. 

Many fans were left wondering as to why Riot did not make these variants purchasable with the bundle.

One user discovered that the variant stays till you get taken down.

Black Market Bundle Cost

The Black Market bundle includes the following:

  • Black Market Vandal

  • Black Market Bulldog

  • Black Market Classic

  • Black Market Marshal

  • Black Market Butterfly Knife

The bundle came to the Valorant store on 12th April and was available for purchase till 25th April. The store bundle was replaced by the Radiant Entertainment bundle known among fans as the Arcade bundle. Unfortunately, since the bundle leaves the store, the individual skins will only be available as random store offerings or may appear in your next Night Market. 

The individual weapons in the black market bundle cost 1,775 VP each while the butterfly knife melee cost 3,550 VP. If you bought the entire bundle, it would have cost you 7,100 VP with a discount on the butterfly knife.

The premium bundle weapons also came with the option to level up using Radianite Points which change their look, depending on whether you’re playing on attacker or defender side. Attacker side weapons have a wooden finish while Defender side weapons have a metal finish. The difference in weapons resembles the T and CT sides which have certain weapons they can buy. T-side has access to an AK while CT side can buy an M4A1. Fans remain curious as to why Riot did not let players know about this easter egg sooner, but for many CS players who own the melee, its a pleasant surprise.

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