2022 Spring Split


Highest Picked and Banned Champions in LCK and LEC in 2022 Spring Split

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Some champions are picked or banned on priority in League of Legends esports.
While at the start of the split, we saw unique picks across multiple regions, it sort of fizzled out and teams started opting for staple picks to maneuver through the meta.
Twisted Fate has the highest presence in the LEC and the LCK, followed by Caitlyn at 82%.

League of Legends Esports was off to a phenomenal start in January with all the regions officially beginning their respective professional seasons. The start of a new season is always interesting to watch as players come out with all guns blazing and showcase unconventional or unique picks. In that sense, the 2022 Spring Split proved to be quite exciting as players locked in champions that don't necessarily see the light of day in pro play.

Early on in the split, champions like Darius, Annie, Akshan, Zed, Karthus, Seraphine, and even Singed were picked across the four major leagues - China’s League of Legends Pro League (LPL), League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK), League of Legends European Championship (LEC), and North America’s League of Legends Championship Series (LCS).

But, naturally, as the Spring split progressed, regions and teams identified staple picks that would definitely work well with the current meta. Especially in pro play, there are certain champions that work well on only one side of the map or with other champions that synergize with them. In other cases, certain champions are not picked as a priority but as a means to counter their laners.

With the LEC and the LCK’s 2022 Spring Split already concluded, let us look at which of the champions has the highest presence (pick+bans) and their respective win rates in League of Legends Esports.

Champions with the most presence in LCK and LEC

According to Games of Legends, the following are the champions that had the highest presence, in terms of picks and bans, in the Korean and European leagues in the 2022 Spring Split:

  • Twisted Fate

  • Caitlyn

  • Lee Sin

  • Jinx

  • Aphelios

Twisted Fate is usually picked up as a champion to answer other champions like Galio and Ryze who have good roaming potential. Twisted Fate’s R - Destiny allows him to make cross-map plays and turn around team fights when least expected. Usually, Twisted Fate is selected as a priority or banned from the game, and this explains why his presence is 91%.

Twisted Fate

Meanwhile, Caitlyn is a very strong attack-damage carry in the game who has an extended range and early poke. Additionally, when paired with a support champion who can dish out poke damage, she can get an early lead just by constantly pushing the minion wave and getting tower plates. She also works well against Aphelios, Jinx, and Zeri, three champions that have been ruling the roost in this split. As seen in the table, she has the second-highest presence in the LEC and the LCK with 82%.


The reason why Lee Sin has a presence of 76% is quite simple. He is a champion that never really falls out of meta. As an early game jungler, Lee Sin can set up ganks and turn the game around very quickly. Lee Sin’s playmaking potential is really high in the right hands. He can dish out damage and still stay healthy in team fights and in the process also help protect the carries.

Lee Sin

Aphelios and Jinx

Jinx and Aphelios being in the fourth and fifth spots are not very surprising. Aphelios and Jinx are two attack damage carries (ADCs) that have been taking the rift by storm and more so in the realm of League of Legends esports. Objective bounties, Teleport changes, overpowered enchanter support champions, coupled with Lethal Tempo being a dominant rune all paved the way for the rise of the hypercarries in this meta.

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