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Halo Infinite Releases 12-Player Battle Royale Mode

Abhimannu Das
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Halo Infinite's new Last Spartan Standing mode mixes battle royale with its free-for-all mode.
There is a zone that constantly closes and players have limited respawns until they are eliminated.
Weapon upgrades can be earned only through earning experience points, kills and assists.

When Halo Infinite announced its Season 2 Lone Wolves update, the Last Spartan Standing mode had a lot of players excited. It is essentially a 12-man battle royale with all players competing to be the last Spartan standing. Halo Infinite opted out of a large scale battle royale mode featuring 50 to 100 players. Instead, it chose to have just 12 players in a fixed area and a set number of respawns. The new mode has loadouts that you can spawn with and weapon upgrades that you can get through in-game performance.

Halo Battle Royale: How does Last Spartan Standing work?

Last Spartan Standing is a mix of battle royale and free-for-all deathmatches. Unlike deathmatch modes where the goal is to get to a certain number of eliminations, in the Last Spartan Standing mode you are supposed to be the last player standing, similar to how a battle royale mode works.

The new mode is available on the new Breaker map and all players spawn with five lives each. If you run out of lives, you are eliminated from the match and are put into spectator mode. You can continue watching the game or leave with no penalties whatsoever once eliminated.

These are the weapon loadouts that you get during a match of Halo’s battle royale mode:

  • Level 1: Disruptor and Sidekick pistol

  • Level 2: Mangler and Disruptor

  • Level 3: Assault Rifle and Mangler

  • Level 4: Commando Rifle and Assault Rifle

  • Level 5: Bulldog Shotgun and Commando Rifle

  • Level 6: Battle Rifle and Bulldog Shotgun

The game starts you off with weaker weapons but securing kills, assists and grabbing experience points allows you to get a better loadout. Just like a battle royale mode, there is a Danger Zone that closes in on players, making the arena smaller over time.

While the gameplay is fun, having just 12 players in the lobby makes the game mode feel a bit empty. A proper battle royale game mode may be in the works with 24 players competing at the same time. PC Gamer reports that the rumored battle royale mode could make it into Halo Infinite for Season 3 in November 2022 but players should temper their expectations until an official announcement is made.

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