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Halo Infinite’s Ranked System: Rules, Tiers, Everything You Need to Know

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Halo Infinite’s ranking system stands out from other popular FPS titles thanks to Microsoft’s tried and tested TrueSkill system which was first developed back in 2005. The ranking system has improved over the years and 343 Industries has implemented the technology for Halo Infinite as well. Infinite’s ranking system can be difficult to understand due to the wide variety of modes and complex ranking system. Let’s take a look at Halo Infinite’s ranked system rules, tiers, and everything else you need to know.

What is the TrueSkill Ranking System?

The TrueSkill ranking system was launched in Halo 2 and Microsoft has optimized the system for over a decade. With Halo Infinite, the skill level of players is determined by the new TrueSkill 2 system. The ranking system maintains a balance in every gamer’s skill using uncertainty and average skill.

If the uncertainty is high, the ranking system does not yet know the exact skill of the gamer. If the uncertainty is small, the ranking system has a strong belief that the skill of the gamer is close to the average skill. TrueSkill tries to identify the skill level of a player in the least number of games possible and the player rank changes only after consistently good or bad results.

How to get placed in Halo Infinite’s ranked mode?

Players will need to complete ten games before being assigned a rank in the general playlist and that is dependent on how well they perform in those matches. The game also has a separate mode called Ranked Arena, which has a separate mode and ratings. There are several restrictions that get put in place in the Ranked Arenas. Certain features may be disabled, some gun types may be removed, and more.

Halo Infinite ranked mode rules

In Halo Infinite’s ranked system, lobbies are balanced based on input method. Players can queue for either controller or mouse and keyboard lobbies. You can also queue your ranked games solo or in the duos mode. However, you will not match against players who are using different input methods to ensure fairness.

Here are the standard rules for Halo Infinite’s ranked system:

  • All players start off with a Battle Rifle

  • Combat Sensor is disabled for all matches

  • Friendly fire is on

  • All grenade hit markers are disabled

  • Static item spawns are featured

Halo Infinite ranks

Here are all of the ranks in Halo Infinite:

  • Bronze: I-VI

  • Silver: I – VI

  • Gold: I – VI

  • Platinum: I – VI

  • Diamond: I – VI

  • Onyx

Onyx has an exclusive leaderboard that features the top players in the world. Unlike other games that prevent you from falling out of the highest ranks in the game, losing too many games consecutively will throw you back into Diamond.

Halo Infinite ranks

Halo Infinite ranked rewards

Currently, there are no rewards announced for Halo Infinite’s ranked modes. 343 Industries is still experimenting with the ranked modes and is yet to confirm if there will be any MMR resets along with ranked rewards.

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