HadesPlays Gives Details on  Orangutan Gaming’s Valorant Rosters


HadesPlays Gives Details on Orangutan Gaming’s Valorant Rosters

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Vinay “HadesPlays” Rao revealed that Orangutan Gaming will announce its male Valorant roster in the first half of January 2023.
He further revealed that the organization would sign a few players to its Valorant rosters.
Finally, HadesPlay hinted that the organization would set up an international bootcamp.

In a recent livestream, Head of Esports at Orangutan Gaming Vinay “HadesPlays” Rao was casually chatting with his audience and answering their questions. During this session, his viewers started asking him questions regarding Orangutan Gaming’s Valorant rosters. Responding to this, HadesPlay gave hints on the organization’s male Valorant roster. He also revealed the organization’s plans for its female Valorant roster. Following this, he revealed that the organization is planning to set up an international bootcamp.

Orangutan Gaming’s male Valorant roster will have one Filipino player

Orangutan Gaming recently dropped its male Valorant roster. The organization has been teasing its new roster on Twitter for the last few weeks. Fans were curious about its upcoming roster. As a result, they asked HadesPlay when the organization would announce its roster. Responding to the question, HadesPlay said, “Our Valorant lineup announcement will be in the first week of January, hopefully. Some visas are still pending. Once the visas are clear and all paperwork is done, hopefully, we will announce in the first week of January or the second week maximum. It should be done before 15th January.” Another viewer asked HadesPlay if two Filipino players would be on the roster. He replied, “I am not sure if it will be two Filipino players. It might be one Filipino player.”

Orangutan Gaming to sign a few players for its female Valorant roster

At the start of November, Risalma “oreopheliaa” Agnia and Denise “Kachow” announced they had parted ways with Orangutan Gaming. Prior to this, while Neha “CaspeR” Sottany was in Orangutan Gaming’s bootcamp in Singapore earlier last month, playing VCT Game Changers APAC (Asia Pacific) Elite, she was rushed to the hospital amidst a game and hospitalized due to some health issues. Following this, on 10th October, CaspeR left the female roster of Orangutan Gaming and continued as a content creator.

Another viewer asked HadesPlay about the organization’s plans for its female Valorant roster. Responding to this, HadesPlays said, “I haven’t had a discussion yet. The thing is, Casper’s health is not great; she is recovering. But she will be staying as a content creator for us for a few months. Once she thinks she is stable enough to compete again, we will have her back on the roster. Till then, she will be staying as a sixth.” Following this, he added, “oreophiliaa and Kachow have already announced that they are no longer a part of Orangutan Gaming. We will be adding maybe two to three more players to the roster. The practice will start in mid January or February first week for the female roster.”

Finally, HadesPlay hinted that the organization would set up a bootcamp outside India. “Three to four months later, we will be having one international bootcamp, maybe in Malaysia,” said HadesPlay.

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