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Gonna Need Milk Fall Frenzy Fortnite Event: All You Need to Know

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Milk has partnered with PlayStation’s Repeat, an esports tournament platform, to bring the Fortnite world ‘Gonna Need Milk Fall Frenzy’ - a fun and unique tournament where players can earn prizes totaling up to $50,000 USD. 

Aside from the incredible prizes and fun Fortnite maps, Milk has made an effort to support female gamers. This tournament is all about supporting female gamers and all Fortnite creators, broadcasters, and production teams will be female. The all-female broadcast team is from Raidiant.gg.

Almost half of all gamers in the world are female, and yet they face a significant pay gap and limited representation in the esports industry. Milk noted its continued commitment to helping redirect the spotlight to women in gaming.

Over the past year, Milk has partnered with over 15 female gamers and presenters including xChocoBars, QT Cinderella, Loeya, Chica, The Peach Cobbler, HeyDani, and more, to drive Milk’s mission

Gonna Need Milk is creating moments to celebrate, stream, and encourage our growing community of female gamers from live gaming tournaments at VidCon Anaheim 2023, to online tournaments, and the launch of Zany Ziplines -- a Fortnite project that is in the top 10% of games on the platform and has amassed over 117K plays to-date. Milk continues to empower women in gaming through long-term partnerships and grand-scale visibility,” noted the tournament organizer.

MilkPEP CEO Yin Woon Rani said, “We are excited to partner with Playstation to further expand Milk’s presence in gaming with the launch of our Gonna Need Milk Fall Frenzy. But even more importantly, we are thrilled to use this partnership as an opportunity to shine the spotlight on incredible female gamers, creators and announcers in the space who have for too long been overlooked and under-supported.” 

Meanwhile, Heather "sapphiRe" Garozzo, founder and executive producer of Raidiant, a unique women-led gaming and esports broadcaster, said, “Created from a passion to amplify and empower women gamers and driven by decades of experience as women pioneers in esports and sports, Raidiant is the perfect partner to align with Milk's vision of a world where women athletes and esports athletes receive equal spotlight opportunities.

How Does the Gonna Need Milk Fall Frenzy Fortnite Event Work?

Here’s all you need to know about GNM’s Fall Frenzy: 

From the Repeat qualifiers, the top five players are participating in the main event on Sunday, where Repeat players will each be paired with a Fortnite creator. The player and the Fortnite creator will compete together in a Zone Wars event for a $4,800 USD cash prize. This event is scheduled to be livestreamed on the Repeat Twitch channel. 

On Saturdays, Last Chance Qualifiers are available between 3 pm and 6 pm PST, where Repeat will select three more players to compete on Sunday. All players need to do is play the Milk Zany Ziplines Map (Code: 2190-7114-0140) during this time and you will be randomly selected to participate just by playing on the map.

In the final week of the event, Milk will host a Grand Finals with a total prize pool of $15,000. The Repeat players who get 1st and 2nd in each Sunday broadcast will be paired with one of eight creators and compete for the grand prize.

Learn more about all the different ways to earn money during this event by going to rpt.gg/milk

One of the more exciting challenges you can compete in will be the Golden Ticket contest. A Fortnite creator will randomly pop into Zany Ziplines lobbies wearing a certain skin, and If you're in the Gonna Need Milk Discord server, you will know what skin to look for and all you have to do is frag the creator and post a screenshot in the Discord channel. Once this frag is verified by the creator who was on the map with the player, they will win $500. However, remember that users will only be able to claim this $500 prize if they have signed up for a Repeat account and have verified their identification.

Other Discord Contests

Players can also win by completing any one of the following quests during the Gonna Need Milk Fall Frenzy Fortnite event. Then they will be entered into a giveaway drawing for each prize:

  • The Milk Hour Giveaway: There will be a random hour in the day in which users can win $20 by posting a screenshot of them finishing Top 3 on Zany Ziplines. All users who post screenshots are entered into a giveaway and five people will win $20 each.

  • The Show Off Giveaway: Users who post clips or screenshots playing on the map into a channel on the official Discord. Clips get you double the entries and may be shown on the broadcast.

  • The Milker Giveaway $50: Screenshot you collecting all the MILK letters on the map

  • Victor’s Giveaway $50: Show proof of you winning a match

  • Milk Moment Giveaway $50: Take a selfie of you holding a glass of milk while playing on the MILK map

  • The Newbie Giveaway $50: Send a screenshot of your five most recent games being on the MILK map

  • The Pro Giveaway $100: Send a screenshot of your ten most recent games being on the MILK map.

Players who wish to learn more about the event and join it can do so here. Notably, Qualifier 1 of the Gonna Need Milk Fall Frenzy Fortnite Event began on 17th October and will conclude on 22nd October. The next qualifier will immediately begin on 23rd October.

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