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Global Esports Will Stick With Eraser for the Valorant International League

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CEO Rushindra Sinha revealed that Global Esports intends to stick with Eraser for the Valorant International League.
The organization will get support staff, including an analyst and an assistant coach to help Eraser.

Global Esports recently announced its ten-player roster for the Valorant International League. However, the organization did not reveal plans to hire a new coach for its Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) 2023 journey. Fans were curious, so they asked CEO Rushidra Sinha, in his recent livestream, whether Global Esports plans to hire a new coach or stick with Hong “Eraser” Chang-pyo. As a result, he revealed that the organization intends to stick with Eraser and get support staff, an analyst, and an assistant coach to help him.

Global Esports to get support staff to help Eraser

Eraser has been a part of Global Esports since April 2022, even before it got selected as a Valorant International franchise team. Since his joining, the team has seen massive improvements and won multiple tournaments. When the viewers asked Rushindra Sinha about the coach, he showed faith in Eraser and his capabilities. He said, “For now, we are going to stick with Eraser as our primary coach because we got Eraser much before we were in the franchise, and for a reason. The reason is that we have seen what Eraser can do with these players and what Eraser has been able to do. His capabilities are brilliant, and we want to continue forth with him. That’s the reason we got him.”

Prior to joining Global Esports, he was the coach of the Korean Valorant team Damwon Kia, where he played a crucial role in the team’s victories. Furthermore, before starting his career as a coach, he was a professional Fortnite player for Global Esports in 2018-19, making him an experienced person in competitive gaming. Explaining this, Sinha said, “The reason we got him wasn’t just so that he could help our existing roster, which has been there with Global Esports for the last two years, but so that we would have someone who would preemptively be ready for the league and Eraser is that coach,” said Sinha. He added, “He was the coach of Damwon Kia before, and even before that, he was our Fortnite player. He has won tournaments for us and has been a part of GE (Global Esports), so he understands the GE ecosystem and ethos much better than a lot of other people.”

Following this, he stated that the organization would be adding more members to its team to help and support Eraser coach the team. Sinha said, “That being said, we are going to be up against the best teams in the world, and he is going to need help and support. So, we are going to get more people on board to be able to help Eraser. We will get support staff, an analyst, and an assistant coach. We are going to grow the family.”

Global Esports has planned to move to South Korea with its ten-player Valorant roster to compete in the Valorant International League, which is set to start in February 2023.

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