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Global Esports CEO Reveals Valorant League Team Expenses

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Global Esports CEO, Rushindra Sinha revealed that the minimum expense of Global Esports for the Valorant International League would be $2 Million USD.
The CEO also revealed that the minimum salary of each player would be at least ₹42 lakhs INR.
He revealed that setting up the Bootcamp itself and being there in South Korea would cost around half a million dollars.

After locking its Valorant International League roster, Global Esports is ready to move to its South Korea Bootcamp. In a recent livestream, viewers asked Rushindra Sinha, founder and CEO of Global Esports, about the organization’s expected expenses for the International League. As a result, he revealed the minimum expense it would cost Global Esports per year for the Valorant International League. He also revealed the minimum salary of each player and the approximate cost of setting up a Bootcamp in South Korea along with all the facilities for all the players.

Global Esports’ first-year expense will be 2 million USD

In a recent livestream, a fan asked Rushindra Sinha how much it would cost Global Esports per year in the Valorant International League. Revealing Global Esports’ first-year expense in the League, Sinha said, “Our first year’s expense in this entire thing is going to be easily 2 million dollars.”

Following this, he revealed that the minimum salary of each player would be INR 42 lakhs per annum. A viewer asked him whether Global Esports’ funds would be exhausted if it paid INR 42 lakhs per annum for each player. “Forty-two lakhs is the minimum amount we can give to each player. You multiply it by seven plus add everything on top because it is the minimum amount,” he replied.

He further revealed that it would cost approximately half a million dollars for the organization just to set up a Bootcamp in South Korea and be there. Following this, he said that’s how much it usually costs to set up a Bootcamp along with the facilities. “All that (facilities and amenities in the Bootcamp) included, we are looking at a set-up cost of probably around half a million dollars,” said Sinha. Following this, he added, “That is just what it’s going to cost us to be there in Korea with Bootcamp and everything set up, and that is the minimum cost.”

Global Esports has locked its 10-player roster, including five players from the previous roster and five new international players. It is still unclear who will be in the final playing five. We will see the team playing its first match with the newly formed roster in the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) 2023 Kick-Off Tournament in February 2023 in São Paulo, Brazil.

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