Global Esports’ Valorant Lineup to Shift to South Korea by Early December

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Rushindra Sinha revealed that Global Esports is currently working on all the legal paperwork required to move to South Korea.
Sinha revealed that the organization would be ready to move to its South Korea bootcamp by early December.

In a recent livestream, Rushindra Sinha, founder and CEO of Global Esports, revealed that the organization is currently working on all the legal paperwork required to move to South Korea. He mentioned that once all the paperwork is done, the Valorant team will shift to its South Korea bootcamp to prepare for the highly anticipated Valorant Champions Tour (VCT 2023), which is set to begin with VCT 2023 Kick-Off Tournament in São Paulo, Brazil in February 2023. All pending work will be completed in late November or early December, following which the organization will make the shift.

Rushindra Sinha reveals the reason behind the delay in shifting to bootcamp

During a recent livestream, Sinha was asked about Global Esports’ move to the South Korean bootcamp to which the Global Esports CEO replied that it was dependent on the paperwork pending, “There is a lot of paperwork right now that we are doing. There is a lot of corporate work, a lot of backend work, and a lot of admin work. A lot of important things are being done right now to get the structure of the company right, which is very important,” he said.

Sinha elaborated that many Indian esports organizations are not well-structured and registered. Global Esports wants to sort out the legal aspects of shifting the organization to ensure that the transition is smooth for all of its players. He said, “Most esports organizations in India are not properly structured and registered with all their papers in place, so we are going through all the hard work of getting that sorted now, not just for India, but it is now across multiple borders.” He added, “So, we are getting a lot of things sorted out; international taxes, international law, immigration law, and a bunch of other things.”

Sinha added, “We want to do it right, and we want to ensure that our paperwork is perfect not just for us but for all the players as well and for the future of the ecosystem. That’s the plan.”

Another viewer asked Sinha when the team will move to the South Korea bootcamp to prepare for VCT 2023. Replying to him, Sinha said, “Very soon. We are in the process. Probably by the end of November or early December. I think early December is a safer bet, so mostly early December, we are going to Korea.”

After it was made public that Global Esports earned a franchise slot in the Valorant International League, Sinha revealed that the organization would set up a bootcamp in South Korea to improve and give opportunities to its players. Furthermore, he revealed that the bootcamp cost the organization half a million dollars.

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