Global Esports to Move to South Korea For VCT 2023

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Members of Global Esports

Rushindra Sinha, the CEO and Founder of Global Esports, confirms that the team will move to South Korea for VCT 2023.
The founder of the organization said that South Korea is the right place for the players to get better.
The team might also make some changes in their roster.

Earlier yesterday, Riot Games revealed the list of 30 teams that will be competing in the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) 2023. Through it, fans found out that Global Esports was the only team from South Asia/India to have secured a Valorant Franchise spot in this list. After the reveal of the franchise teams, Rushindra Sinha, the CEO and Founder of Global Esports, went live on YouTube and spoke about this announcement. He also revealed that the team will move to South Korea for the VCT 2023 and explained the reasons behind this decision.

Rushindra Sinha reveals that Global Esports will set up a base in South Korea

In a livestream on Twitch, Sinha revealed that Global Esports will move to South Korea because he believes that South Korea is the right place for the team’s players to improve and build the right mentality and skillset.

“Global Esports will move to Korea if they are going to participate in APAC (APAC region – VCT 2023), because it is a better place for our players to learn, grow, practice, and kind of get better if we really, really want them to become the best version of themselves,” said Sinha. Further, he added, “I don't think it will happen here (in India), I think Korea is the right place. It will build up the right mentality, the right skillset, the right everything, that’s just, honestly, I think Korea just makes more sense.”

When asked by a fan whether Kohli, a player for Global Esports, will move to Korea with the team, Sinha replied, “Everyone that is a part of GE will go to Korea.”

Although the team has revealed that they will move to Korea, they did not provide any definite date.

Global Esports might make some roster changes for VCT 2023

In another livestream, Sinha and the team revealed that the teams might also make roster changes for VCT 2023. However, they refused to elaborate on it, instead focusing on being accepted into the league.

The organization has stated that it will not be making any announcements regarding roster changes anytime soon. The VCT 2023 kick-off tournament - the first tournament of the new season, is scheduled to take place in Brazil in February 2023, and hence the team has plenty of time to evaluate and make adjustments to the roster before debuting it in the VCT.

Prior to this, Global Esports already had a bootcamp in South Korea for their Overwatch and Fortnite rosters in 2018–19. However, the organization shut it down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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