Global Esports Upsets Dominant Gen.G Esports in VCT Pacific League 2023

A true David vs Goliath clash.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Global Esports Scores Upset Win Over Gen.G Esports</p></div>
Global Esports Scores Upset Win Over Gen.G Esports


Global Esports stunned a dominant Gen.G Esports by securing a 2-0 victory in the sixth week encounter.
SkRossi was the MVP for Global Esports with an ACS of 315 and K/D/A of 47/29/6 across the two games.
Global Esports has now registered its second win of the regular season and currently stands eighth on the overall points table.

Global Esports faced a daunting challenge in defeating the formidable Gen.G Esports team, but to everyone's surprise, it swept past its Korean rivals with ease, clinching a 2-0 series victory.

Both teams played with the same set of five players throughout the match, and the scores were identical, with each map ending 13-8 in the favor of Global Esports. Throughout the series, Global Esports remained calm and focused, executing its strategies with precision. It maintained a solid defense and launched coordinated attacks that left Gen.G Esports struggling to keep up.

One player who stood out for Global Esports was Ganesh "SkRossi" Gangadhar, who put on quite a show as the Jett. His performance was crucial to the team's victory, and he finished the match with an impressive K/D/A ratio of 47/29/6 and an overall ACS of 315.

SkRossi - Global Esports vs Gen.G Esports

VCT Pacific League 2023: Global Esports pulls a surprise win to stun Gen.G Esports

As the regular season of the VCT Pacific League 2023 entered its sixth week, there were only a few who expected Global Esports to secure its second victory. This was not because the team was considered weak, but rather due to the sheer dominance exhibited by its opponents, Gen.G Esports, throughout the tournament.

Against all odds, however, Global Esports emerged victorious, showcasing their skill and tenacity on both the maps - Pearl and Lotus, handing a clean sweep to their opponents without making any substitutions during the series.

Pearl | GE defeats Gen.G with a 13-8 scoreline

Global Esports picked Pearl as its map pick where it started on defense and managed to scramble five rounds. The deficit was not enough to hold them back as they gave away only one round to Gen.G Esports in the second half, securing a comfortable victory.

Lotus | GE defeats Gen.G with a 13-8 scoreline

Gen.G Esports tried to come back into the series by winning their map pick Lotus, but Global Esports with its well-executed attacks managed to run away with a two-round lead at the halfway mark. They kept this lead intact while defending the sites to register another win and secure the series.

This was the second win of the regular season for Global Esports having previously defeated Talon Esports in the fourth week. Despite the stunning outcome, they are still ranked eighth on the overall points table, but could move up depending on a few other outcomes.

Global Esports has been on a roll as it heads towards the final stretch of the VCT Pacific League 2023. With only two weeks left in the regular season, including the highly anticipated super week, the team is brimming with confidence and momentum which could help it surprise its next opponents: DetonatioN FM and Rex Regum Qeon.

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