Global Esports Secures First-Ever VCT 2023 Win Against Talon Esports

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Aditya Singh Rawat
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Global Esports Defeats Talon Esports In VCT 2023 Pacific League</p></div>
Global Esports Defeats Talon Esports In VCT 2023 Pacific League


After losing four consecutive matches in the VCT 2023 circuit, Global Esports defeats Talon Esports to register its first-ever international series win.
Global Esports secured a 2-0 victory against Talon Esports on Split and Icebox.
Global Esports will now play against Paper Rex on 22nd April from 13:30 IST onwards.

After a hard grind, Global Esports has finally registered its first win in the international circuit by handing Talon Esports a 2-0 defeat at the ongoing Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) 2023: Pacific League.

This was a crucial best-of-three series for both teams, fighting for their first regular season win. Global Esports had registered losses against T1, DRX, and ZETA DIVISION, while Talon Esports had suffered a similar fate against Team Secret, T1, and DRX.

Going up against each other, many expected the match to go the distance but Global Esports had other plans, making some lineup changes to win the series in a clean sweep.

Global Esports sweeps Talon Esports to register its first international victory

After facing a lot of hate and criticism from its fans, Global Esports in a surprising turn of events utilized both the Indian players, Ganesh "SkRossi" Gangadhar and Abhirup "Lightningfast" Choudhury.

This was the second time SkRossi was representing Global Esports in an official VCT match, having debuted during the VCT 2023: LOCK//IN São Paulo. However, it was Lightningfast on his iconic agent Raze, who took the stage for the first time as part of the main roster, delivering an iconic play and marking his presence.

Map 1 | Split (Global Esports) | GE defeats TLN by 13-6 score

Starting on its own map pick Split, Global Esports put on a solid defense which started with it winning the first two rounds. The team rolled ahead with the momentum to finish the half with a dominating 9-3 scoreline.

The second half started well for Talon Esports but it failed to gather enough momentum, with the attackers continuously chipping away at rounds to walk away with a comfortable 13-6 victory.

Map 2 | Icebox (Talon Esports) | GE defeats TLN by 13-11 score

The second map was a much more close affair with Talon Esports starting out as attackers on their map pick Icebox. The teams tussled hard to keep the scoreline balanced at the half-point mark.

Both teams kept applying pressure in the second half, not giving an inch to the other. Somehow, Global Esports managed to break away from the chase, ending the map with a hard-fought 13-11 victory.

Overall, it was Park "Bazzi" Jun-ki who stood out as the MVP (Most Valuable Player) for the side with an ACS (Average Combat Score) of 284. He achieved a K/D/A of 46/26/18 to deliver an extraordinary performance which guaranteed his team a stunning victory.

Bazzi: MVP for Global Esports

Global Esports with an overall 1-3 scoreline will now go on to face Paper Rex in its next match which is scheduled to take place on 22nd April from 13:30 IST onwards.

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