Rushindra Sinha Says Global Esports Said No to Shark Tank India


Global Esports Outgrows Shark Tank India, Aims to Become a "Shark"

Riot Games Valorant Franchise >>>> Shark Tank India

Aditya Singh Rawat
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During a recent livestream session, Rushindra Sinha revealed that Global Esports had turned down an offer to feature in the first season of Shark Tank India.
Rushindra Sinha explained that Global Esports has grown bigger and is already well beyond the stage.

Global Esports (GE) is one of the biggest esports organizations from India, operating teams across multiple titles. It is predominantly known for its international Valorant roster which is the only partnered team from the South Asian region for the Valorant Champions Tour organized by Riot Games.

During a recent interactive livestream session, Rushindra Sinha - Founder and CEO of Global Esports, was asked a rather quirky question from one the viewers, "Will GE ever go to Shark Tank (India)?"

Responding to this, Rushindra revealed that as mentioned by him before, "Global Esports actually said no for going to Shark Tank India in the first season. We are already well beyond the stage that we need to go to Shark Tank."

Global Esports had a chance of going to Shark Tank India but decided not to go ahead with it

It is not every day that someone gets an opportunity to present their product or company on television. Well, Global Esports had actually received a chance via Shark Tank India during its first ever season but turned down the offer.

Speaking about the incident during a recent livestream, Rushindra explained that GE is well beyond the stage that requires them to present themselves in Shark Tank India.

"Unfortunately, we have grown bigger than that. I would still love to go to Shark Tank India, but probably as a shark and not as a contestant," says Rushindra Sinha.

Mohit Israney - Founder of Global Esports, followed up by suggesting that when a gaming related 'Shark Tank' show is created then they will be open for discussion.

He then goes on to shoot a hypothetical question towards Rahul Hinduja - Head of Broadcast at Global Esports, "Emi, If you were a shark, what would be your first question to someone who was in a gaming startup?"

Rushindra also hypes him up to give an answer, responding to which Rahul says "Mainly I would ask them that what would they do with this opportunity? This would be my first question."

He explains that everyone can find money from one place or the other but the real difference is what they are willing to do if they are presented with an opportunity.

Earlier this month, Upthrust Esports, an Indian gaming and esports company based in Mumbai, Maharashtra was featured on Shark Tank India where it provided the Indian esports scene with huge visibility and made a statement on a national platform.

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