This Is Why Former Global Esports Valorant Roster Never Changed


Global Esports Explains Why its Former Valorant Roster Never Changed

They stuck together, fought hard, and became legends of Indian Valorant.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Rushindra Sinha (CEO) along with Vatsal Uniyal (Head of Esports) explain the reason behind the former Global Esports roster not undergoing changes.
The previous Indian roster of Global Esports played together from 4 November 2020 till 25 November 2022.
Between this duration, Global Esports underwent a few changes in its coaching and support staff but its playing five remained unchanged.

The current international Global Esports lineup is one of the franchised teams of the Valorant Champions Tour 2023. However, the journey that resulted in the organization reaching this position was because of its former Indian roster which competed together for almost two years without any changes.

Speaking about why the organization decided to stick with the same lineup despite all the ups and downs, Rushindra Sinha - Founder and CEO of Global Esports along with Vatsal Uniyal - Head of Esports, explained the reason behind this crucial decision that gave birth to one of the most memorable and iconic esports teams from the country.

This is why Global Esports never changed its former Valorant roster

Well, technically speaking Global Esports did make a change in its nascent stage as a Valorant team, signing Abhirup "Lightningfast" Choudhury following the departure of Sagnik "Hellff" Roy.

However, at that point in time, the organization had barely participated in four to five tournaments and none were serious competitions; even the game itself was still new for all the Indian organizations.

Since the arrival of Lightningfast on 4th November 2020, the team's playing five was set in stone until the arrival of their current captain, Jordan "AYRIN" He, on 5th October 2022.

Explaining the reason behind this belief and commitment shown by the organization in their initial signings, Vatsal explains that "Half of the organizations don't really want to take a chance, don't really want to invest their time, to nurture new players. They want to play with the same players again and again, who have past experience. If the orgs don't teach and give experience to the upcoming players then how will it even make sense."

He further goes on to talk about how teaching and nurturing players is the responsibility of an organization, something that most try to run away from, but the fact remains that if we don't do it then no one else will.

Adding to this, Rushindra says "No one things about the future with 99% of the teams undergoing changes in their rosters. After every tournament, at least three organizations change their rosters. How will something grow?"

He revealed that even Global Esports thought of undergoing changes in its roster at times, but it never went ahead with this because they wanted to set a positive example within the Indian gaming community.

Till its transition to an international roster for competing in the ongoing VCT 2023, the organization stuck with its former roster through thick and thin, till the very end of its journey.

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