AYRIN Explains How Global Esports Won All Pistol Rounds


AYRIN Explains How Global Esports Won All Pistol Rounds Against Team Vitality

Pistols kings? Pistol gods? Pistol demons?

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Global Esports in its first international appearance managed to win all the pistol rounds against Team Vitality.
Global Esports also won four out of the six anti-eco rounds that it faced.
During the post match conference, AYRIN spoke about the reason behind their success during all the pistol rounds.

Global Esports (GE) might have lost its best-of-three series against Team Vitality but the team had its moments. One of the biggest talking points was how they absolutely dominated in the pistol rounds.

Winning the opening rounds of each half is crucial to how a team ends up performing in that game. It not only provides a boost of confidence but also a better economy to operate with.

In the case of Global Esports, the players might not have been able to capitalize on the positive starts but the way they crafted all their pistol rounds was a learning lesson for all other teams.

During the post-match conference, Jordan "AYRIN" He, explained how he approached all the pistol rounds and the secret behind their 100% success rate to open every single half with a win.

AYRIN breaks down how Global Esports was able to find so much success on pistol rounds

It is a really difficult feat to win all six pistol rounds in a best-of-three series that has gone down to the decider. Global Esports not only won all the pistol rounds but also secured four out of the six anti-eco rounds that followed after.

Yes, the team fell short in a lot of other departments but the pistol rounds were something that they had a complete grasp of and it left quite the impression on other teams and talents covering the match.

"I would not say we had a ridiculous amount of time to practice. There are just so many small things throughout the match you know, really proud of how we played. It is not like we were completely lost and getting owned," said AYRIN, going on to explain how GE found so much success on pistol rounds.

"We were playing pistols really grouped and trading really well. Into the gun rounds we just forgot that a little bit as a team, but that is something we are definitely going to fix going into the Pacific League."

Note: The specific segment starts from 03:50 onwards.

Global Esports won its very first round on the international stage and then kept the momentum going by winning the first round of every half that it played against Team Vitality.

There was definitely a pistol round difference between the two teams, but that does not mean Vitality was bad with the secondary weaponry as it picked some highlight Sheriff one taps across three maps.

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