Global Esports Academy Announced for Valorant and BGMI: How to Apply, Requirements, More


Global Esports Academy Announced for Valorant and BGMI: How to Apply, Requirements, More

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Aditya Singh Rawat
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Rushindra Sinha announced the Global Esports Academy for both Valorant and BGMI called GE Fighting Academy.
A set of requirements were announced for aspiring esports athletes who wanted to be a part of either Academy team.
An application has been shared for interested players to apply for a chance to kick-start their competitive career in Valorant and BGMI.

Global Esports (GE) has announced an academy program called GE Fighting Academy which will cover both Valorant and Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). The announcement was made by Rushindra Sinha, founder of Global Esports, earlier today on 18th December.

As per the information, Global Esports is looking for five BGMI and Valorant players from India who are ready to dedicate 12 to 18 months to compete in the title of their choice.

The selected players will likely not be given a salary but will be provided with all necessary resources, facilities, and training to become the best possible competitive athletes.

Global Esports Announces GE Fighting Academy for Valorant and BGMI

Many in the Indian community had requested Global Esports to start an Academy to support and uplift the local esports scene. Well, their plea has been answered through the creation of the GE Fighting Academy which will be focusing on two competitive titles that are quite popular in the country, Valorant and BGMI.

Anyone can apply to be a part of these academy rosters by simply filling out the enrollment form. The only requirement listed out by Global Esports is "Hunger To Win" but it does come with a few other demands which may not be optimal for all.

Global Esports Academy (Valorant and BGMI): Requirements

Honestly, there are no game-related requirements that have been mentioned for both Valorant and BGMI by Rushindra but there are some general demands which could prove to be a hindrance for some aspiring athletes.

  1. Players who apply should not prioritize earning a salary.

  2. They should be ready to dedicate about 12 to 18 months to esports.

  3. Their only focus should be to become the best possible competitive athlete that the Indian esports ecosystem has ever seen.

  4. Shortlisted players will be provided with all the necessary resources, facilities, and training, to reach their goals.

  5. Global Esports assures both money and fame provided the selected players work hard, put in the effort, and live up to their end of the deal.

How to Apply for Global Esports Academy (BGMI and Valorant)?

It is a fairly straightforward process to apply for both the BGMI or Valorant Academy team.

All those interested can simply visit the registration website and fill out a simple form that requires basic information like name, age, mobile number, email, city, game title, peak rank, in-game name, passport availability, and relocation request.

Once done, the players need to submit the form and wait for the next step of the selection process which is going to be quite hectic with more than 1000 applicants having enrolled themselves in less than an hour of the announcement being made.

There was a mixed reaction to this announcement, while some in the community were ecstatic about the arrival of this new opportunity, there were some who were not too pleased with the fact that a salary was not being prioritized.

Apart from this, there were some other doubts as well that players needed answered, like the minimum level required for BGMI and Valorant, the minimum player age to join the respective teams, and other such basic information.

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