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GamerDoc Warns Against 'Undetectable' Console Cheats

Abhimannu Das
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Gamers might be affected by a new generation of console cheats that are very difficult to detect.
GamerDoc showcased a video of a new cheat that can be used on console for aimbotting in FPS games.
While the new cheat was showcased for Warzone, he revealed that it can potentially be used in any game.

Many online games are plagued with cheaters and things may get a lot worse according to anti-cheat analyst, GamerDoc. He runs the Anti-Cheat Police Department account on Twitter and had recently posted details of a new cheat coming to console. While both hardware and software cheats have existed on console for a while, they are rarer than in the PC ecosystem but that might change soon. GamerDoc revealed, “Consoles are no longer a safe space to play your games legit anymore.” Here is a rundown of his findings and how console gamers may be affected in the future.

New Wave of Cheats Coming to Console

GamerDoc posted a video showcasing a new generation console cheat. He revealed that the cheat uses machine learning to send inputs to a player’s controller whenever it sees a valid enemy target. It essentially works like an aimbot but there are spoofing mechanisms in place to prevent anti-cheat software from detecting the machine-assisted inputs. He revealed that it can be difficult to detect these cheats and developers will not only have to invest resources in preventing PC cheats but also on console. Cheats ruin the competitive integrity of both casual gaming and esports and the availability of these cheats can negatively impact future esports titles. There have been multiple incidents of players cheating in esports with ReFleck's use of cheats against Team Dignitas being one of the more recent examples.

While the cheat showcased in the video features a Call of Duty: Warzone gameplay, the cheats can be used in any game that supports a controller, according to GamerDoc’s findings. GamerDoc shared his findings and stated, “I just wanna raise awareness that consoles are not exempt from cheats.”

There are multiple high-profile FPS games that are coming to console including Battlefield 2042 and this year’s Call of Duty title. Consoles have maintained a reputation of being safer than PCs when it comes to cheaters, but with the rise of these new-age cheats, things might change. There are also hardware-assisted cheats on consoles like Strike Packs, which offer automatic recoil control, custom aim assist and other exploits that offer a competitive advantage to players.

GamerDoc revealed that the new cheats are detectable “but it will be a pain for the developers to detect this it will certainly not be an easy job to detect these types of cheats, this already exists on PC but now is available in console.” It remains to be seen if developers are able to crack down on these cheats and offer a safe gaming experience for its players on all platforms.

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