Free Fire OB40 Update APK Download: Discover New Adventures, Weapons, and More

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Free Fire OB40 APK Download: Discover New Adventures in Garena's Latest Update</p></div>
Free Fire OB40 APK Download: Discover New Adventures in Garena's Latest Update


Free Fire

Garena has just released the highly awaited Free Fire OB40 update, the third major update for the game this year. This time, the publisher made an exception by implementing some modifications to how the latest version is launched, as the Free Fire servers will not undergo any maintenance.

The Free Fire developers have already unveiled the Patch Highlights, providing essential insights into the upcoming additions and improvements expected to be implemented in the game.In addition to that, players will have the option to access the previous version for a few days, although some features will have limited functionality.

How to download and install Free Fire OB40 Update apk?

To download the Free Fire OB40 update, you can access it through the official channels, namely the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. While Android users often rely on APK and OBB files to acquire the latest version, Garena discourages the use of third-party APK sites such as APKMirror and APKPure due to potential risks.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to utilize the official stores for a safe and reliable download. With that in mind, here is a direct link to the Free Fire OB40 update on the Google Play Store: 

Google Play Store Link: Click here.

To obtain the latest version of the game, you can visit the game's page on the Google Play Store and simply click on the update or install button. The update size is approximately 189 MB. It's worth noting that additional resource packs might be required to access all the game features. Therefore, it is recommended to download the game using a WiFi connection for a smoother experience.

Download guide for iOS Users

The above mentioned guide is for android users only. Players who play the game on iOS can click here or follow the steps below to download the OB40 update.

What’s new in Free Fire OB40 Update?

Listed below are the key features that are coming with the Free Fire MAX OB40 update:

  • New System: Achievements with three categories: Combat, Collector and Career.

  • Duo Active Skills Mode in Clash Squad

  • New G36 weapon in Clash Squad and Store changes

  • Gloo Wall maker and other Battle Royale mode changes

  • Weapon balances to XM8, Thompson, MP40, Bison, M1887, M1014, Charge Buster, Trogon, MAG-7, M1917, Marksman Grip, and Grenade

  • New Awakened Alok character

  • New Sonia Character

  • Character ability reworks: Dimitri, Thiva, Kapella, Olivia

  • Character ability balances: Tatsuya, Clu, Homer, Skyler, K, Iris, Hayato, Andrew, Rafael, Alvaro

  • Map changes

  • Gameplay changes

  • Craftland changes

Free Fire OB40 Update

Free Fire OB40 Update

Free Fire OB40 update includes multiple new features including the exclusive collaboration with Spiderman Into the Spiderverse which adds multiple Spiderman inspired skins into the game.

With BGMI's release, Free Fire fans might want to dwelve into the Battle Royale title. To make an objective decision on which game you would like to play as the "main game" here's a handy guide explaining the major differences between Free Fire and BGMI.

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