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Fortnite Collaborates With Among Us for Crossover Event

Abhimannu Das
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Epic Games and Innersloth have partnered together to bring exclusive cosmetics to Fortnite fans.
The cosmetics will be available to unlock for an entire year until 9th June 2023.
Fans need to purchase Among Us on the Epic Game Store to unlock the Fortnite cosmetics.

Epic Games surprised everyone by adding a Fortnite Impostors game mode last year, which mimicked the gameplay of the popular title Among Us. A lot of fans were upset over Epic’s decision to copy Among Us, but Among Us developer Innersloth backed Epic Games saying that the mechanics showcased in the game are not new and they should not be gatekept.

But the studio did call out Epic Games for using a lot of the themes and terminology from its viral game. It looks like the developers of both titles have set aside their differences and have collaborated to introduce some new content.

What’s new in the Fortnite X Among Us update?

Innersloth had said in the past that it would be cool to work with Epic Games and it has finally happened. The collaboration brings some new content to the game but we are not going to receive a new game mode. Starting from 9th June 2022 to 9th June 2023, anyone who buys Among Us from the Epic Games store will get some free goodies. Here’s what you get if you purchase the game:

Crewmate Back Bling: The game comes with ten styles based on crewmate colors from Among Us: Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, Black, White, Yellow, Brown, and Purple.

Distraction Dance Emote: This emote is from Innersloth’s other franchise the Henry Stickmin Collection.

If you already own Among Us, you will be eligible to get the cosmetics by purchasing a Stars Pack instead. Purchasing the game from the Epic Games Store is the only way to get the new cosmetics at the moment and buying it on other platforms will not allow you to redeem any of the collaboration benefits.

If you want to play an Among Us-style game mode within Fortnite, you will have to wait for the Fortnite Impostors mode to make a return. It would have been great to see Innersloth and Epic work on a new game mode but that does not seem to be happening for now.

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