F0rsaken Shares Why Paper Rex Picked Icebox Against Global Esports


F0rsakeN Reveals Why Paper Rex Chose Icebox Against Global Esports

Moral: Not every decision in life needs to have sound logic behind it

Aditya Singh Rawat
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During the post-match interview, f0rsakeN shared the reason behind Paper Rex selecting Icebox as their map pick against Global Esports.
This was the first time in VCT 2023: Pacific League that Paper Rex selected Icebox as their map pick.
Paper Rex lost on Icebox with a 13-7 scoreline but swung things around to win the next two maps.

The hyped fifth-week match of VCT 2023: Pacific League between Paper Rex and Global Esports turned out to be a banger with star performances being delivered from either side.

Despite being handed a hard blow on the first map Icebox, Paper Rex clawed back from this early deficit to take the series and register its third victory of the regular season.

In the post-match interview, Jason "f0rsakeN" Susanto spoke about the team's performance while also sharing a rather unusual reason behind them picking Icebox as their preferred map pick for the series.

This is why Paper Rex decided to pick Icebox as their map pick against Global Esports

Some of the best Valorant teams from the Asia Pacific (APAC) region are currently competing in the VCT Pacific League. They are bringing together some of their best team strategies and picking their dominant maps to gain an upper hand. However, Paper Rex seems to be using some unusual logic when it comes to deciding their map pick.

During the post-match interview, f0rsakeN while talking about Icebox said that "I men as you can see, Icebox doesn't work really well for us and I am not sure why. We even tried the new meta with Gekko, but I don't think the agent is that bad on the map. The only reason we played Icebox was because it is going to be removed next week, so we just decided to play it anyway."

Now that is one unusual reason to pick a map. They went on to lose Icebox with a 13-7 scoreline but swung the momentum around by winning on Split and Pearl, mostly due to the heroics of Ilya "something" Petrov.

So far in the five matches played by Paper Rex, they have shown a wide variety of map picks which are as follows,

  1. PPRX vs DFM | Map Pick: Pearl

  2. PPRX vs TS | Map Pick: Fracture

  3. PPRX vs T1 | Map Pick: Fracture

  4. PPRX vs DRX | Map Pick: Split

  5. PPRX vs GE | Map Pick: Icebox

It will be interesting to see how many maps can they dish out by the end of the regular season. Another thing implemented by the team was holding back on using Benedict "Benkai" Tan in this series and instead giving Patiphan "CigaretteS" Posri his big break for the side.

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