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EVOS Esports CEO Shares His Inspiring Story About Fighting Back Life-Threatening Disease

Abhimannu Das
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EVOS Esports’ Founder and CEO Ivan Yeo was diagnosed with Kennedy's disease but he did not let it bring him down.
He was given just five years left to walk, talk or even eat by his doctor but he managed to turn his life around and is continuing to fight through it.
Yeo has helped EVOS become a successful esports organization in Southeast Asia with a year-on-year growth of 100%.

EVOS Esports’ Founder and CEO Ivan Yeo was diagnosed with Kennedy’s Disease last year and his doctor told him that he has “five years left to walk, talk or even eat.” It affected his morale but he worked towards improving his health and it has paid off with Yeo recovering from his health condition and also helping EVOS to achieve “100% year-on-year growth and becoming the only profitable esports organization in Southeast Asia that hit an accounting rate of return (ARR) of 25 million (currency not specified).”

How Yeo overcame his challenges and put EVOS on the path to success

EVOS Esports (formerly known as Zero Latitude) is a Southeast Asian esports company that competes in Arena of Valor, Free Fire, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, and League of Legends: Wild Rift. The organization also had a League of Legends team that was competing in League of Legends and won the Vietnam Championship Series in 2018.

As the founder of EVOS, he has been leading the organization since its inception. His efforts have been recognized with him winning the Forbes Asia 30 under 30, ACES 35 under 35 and Prestige 40 under 40 awards.

Yeo posted on LinkedIn that he took his doctor’s prophecy seriously and felt that his career as an entrepreneur ended. He talked about how he worked towards building EVOS over the past five years and it took a toll on his health. He considered 2020 as one of the hardest years of his life because he completely lost his confidence. He said “the world was telling me I was not good enough, the people around me was telling me I was not good enough.”

Some of the symptoms of his health getting worse include diminishing vocal strength, inability to eat, inability to walk and more. He was scared of going bankrupt due to failed fundraisings but he did not give up and kept working towards EVOS’ success. He tried everything he could to recover from Kennedy’s disease and it worked in his favor. Since his efforts toward becoming healthier, he has lost 66 pounds of weight. He is well on his way to recovery and hopefully he will beat Kennedy's Disease.

Under Yeo's leadership, EVOS has been successful throughout 2021. The Indonesian PUBG Mobile team won Duniya Games League 2021 while the Free Fire team came won Free Fire Indonesia Masters 2021 Fall. The Wild Rift roster has been impressive throughout 2021 with multiple ESL Mobile Open wins and a SEA ICON Series win in the Summer season.

Despite his challenges, Yeo has been able to lead his organization he seeks to continue pushing his organization forward in the next ten years.

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