League of Legends' new Champion going to be a Non-Traditional Bot Laner


Everything We Know About League of Legends’ New Non-Traditional Bot Laner

They could be called Aadheera and might carry around a whip!

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The next champion after Bel’Veth in League of Legends is going to be a non-traditional bot-laner.
The champion is rumored to have a whip as a weapon and is called “Aadheera.”
Here are all the leaks we know about this new champion currently.

Riot Games talked about a stranger from the land of a thousand colors who supposedly has a joyous laugh in its latest LoL Champion Roadmap.

On the League of Legends Season 2022 Opening Day livestream, Lead Producer of Champions Ryan “Reav3” Mireles unveiled the plans for new champion releases lined up for this year. After he teased Renata, who was not yet revealed at that point, he also revealed that a jungler and a non-traditional bot-laner would be released later this year. This jungler happened to be the Void Empress Bel’Veth.

Fans and players alike stated that this stranger could very well be the “non-traditional” bot-laner that the company teased. Obviously, the community has been hard at work at identifying little clues and putting together pieces to form an idea about the new non-traditional bot laner.

Most of the content we see about this new champion at this point are leaks and are supposed to be taken with a grain of salt until Riot confirms anything.

League of Legends Champion Adheera: All we know

The champion’s weapon is speculated to be a whip. According to leaks, this champion’s whip weapon was inspired by Akali’s champion design and concept art by Riot Games. Additionally, the champion is rumored to be a human who shall have a pet.

League of Legends Ability expectations

The champion’s Q ability is supposedly going to have multiple activations like that of Yasuo’s and Aatrox. The first instance of Q is likely to be in a straight line cast like Tahm Kench Q, the second is a sweep like Samira’s melee Q, and the third is a circle like Hecarim’s Q.

Their passive is rumored to be several different bubbles with each one of them having a different effect ranging from a shield to Graves’ smokescreen.

League of Legends Champion’s name could be Aadheera

The League of Legends champion’s name is rumored to be “Aadheera” and the image of this was reportedly leaked on a Discord channel and the name is written in Tamil script. It is also possible that this non-traditional bot laner could be non-binary, with the pronouns They/Them.

League of Legends New Non-Traditional Bot Laner rumored to be called Aadheera

League of Legends New Non-Traditional Bot Laner rumored to be called Aadheera

Release skin

The new non-traditional bot-laner’s release skin is supposedly a Star Guardian one and the community has a fair idea of this skin line releasing in LoL Patch 12.13 or LoL Patch 12.14. As a result, the new champion could be expected to be released around the same time. The scheduled dates for these patches are 13th July and 27th July, respectively.

League of Legends Champion’s background story

In the League of Legends Champion Roadmap, Riot teased another champion in the making with a small story revolving around Oyster Bill’s Oyster Shack. It narrated that Oyster Bill’s shack was a wreck, with smashed tables, broken bottles, and strange glowing puddles all over the place.

According to Oyster Bill it was caused by a colorful but deadly stranger who came to Runeterra from a land across the seas. He claimed some Noxians were getting rowdy and one of them accidentally knocked over the stranger’s oysters,” recounted the narrator.

Following this, the colorful stranger “laughed a most joyous laugh” as they stood up from their table. There was a fight that erupted between the stranger and the Noxian band of ten people. Oyster Bill said all he heard was the joyous laughter and the sound of splashing water and when the mist cleared up, he found all the Noxians dead and the stranger missing.

When one of the other customers doubted the story, Bill doubled down on his claim that it was true, and that the mysterious stranger was, in fact, living in a room above his restaurant. He said that if any of us wanted to go talk to them ourselves we were welcome to,” said the narrator.

The fact that Riot addressed this stranger they/them in this story aligns with the rumors of this champion being non-binary. At this juncture, most of these theories are mere speculations and there are no confirmations as of now. Players will have to wait and see whether they will be blessed with a non-traditional bot-laner like Yasuo or if they will be a hybrid champion. With elements of water, bubbles involved, the new champion could be associated with water bodies and their kit could be in line with the same theme.

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