Battlestate Games rolled out a new update on 1st February to combat the invisible player exploit.


Escape From Tarkov Latest Update Tackles Invisible Player Exploit

What’s the invisible PMC bug in Tarkov?

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Players were facing a bizarre exploit in Escape from Tarkov that allowed players to turn invisible in raids.
Battlestate Games rolled out a new update on 1st February to combat this issue.

On 27th January, Battlestate Games rolled out the installation of a technical patch in Escape from Tarkov aimed at bug fixes and audio issues alongside recoil changes, stamina consumption, weight limits, body armor, and more. Unfortunately, the patch re-introduced a bug within the game that allowed players to turn invisible to others. What made things worse was the fact that it seemed like players were actually able to use this exploit by recreating it at their convenience. Ever since the invisible player exploit became rampant on the Escape from Tarkov servers, players have been talking about it extensively on social media sites including Twitter and Reddit.

As a result, on 1st February, Battlestate Games introduced a technical client update and noted that it fixed the main cause of the invisible player exploit in raids. “We are continuing to work on the fix until this issue is completely removed,” it added.

What is the invisible player exploit in Escape from Tarkov?

After the 27th January update, Reddit user EFT_Subreddit made a post on the Escape from Tarkov subreddit titled  “PSA: Invisible player bug.” They stated that there was an issue with players randomly being invisible during raids and asked others to submit a bug report. The post added, “And if you figure out how to consistently reproduce it DO NOT POST IT HERE. Just submit it as a bug report, and include that in the report.

Following this, hordes of players commented that they were also affected by the invisible player exploit. One user commented, “Ran 3 streets [Streets of Tarkov] raids in a row for Peacekeeping mission and died 3 times in a row to invis[ible] players.

Twitter user LogicalSolutions wrote, “#EscapeFromTarkov **INVISIBLE PMC BUG** I have been sent information and have tested to confirm it - people can force their PMC to be invisible [on] almost every raid. I have the steps available to send to whoever [Battlestate Games]. Please address this asap, this is game-breaking.

Battlestate Games rolls out a new update

On 1st February, Battlestate Games released a new technical update that needs to be downloaded via the launcher. The developer said that the game will not stop, but the raid time on servers undergoing the updates may be reduced to 10 minutes. 

It added, “Fixed the main cause of invisible players in raids. We are continuing to work on the fix until this issue is completely removed.

Alongside the invisible player exploit, the company has also fixed the volume of some in-raid sounds.

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