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Enchanter Top Meta Likely to Get Nixed in Patch 12.4

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Game Designer Ezra “Phlox” Lynn shared the preview of Patch 12.4 on Twitter.
The biggest change in Patch 12.4 is the much-awaited system adjustment to the top-lane support meta that has been dominating League of Legends.
Apart from this, the patch is also buffing a handful of underrated champions and nerfing champions with high win rates

It has been a week since League of Legends Patch 12.3 made its way onto the live servers. Now it is time for yet another patch cycle and Patch 12.4 is already on the horizon for testing and tinkering. Game Designer Ezra “Phlox” Lynn took to Twitter to share a preview of Patch 12.4. The infamous and notorious top lane enchanter pick is finally getting nerfed alongside other champions in the upcoming patch.

He wrote, “Patch Preview for 12.4! Some pretty fun buffs and nerfs coming through, any champs we missed? As an aside, we're still watching fighter items to see if they need any adjustments but there's nothing immediate there.”

Patch12.4 preview as shared by Riot Phlox

System adjustments in Patch 12.4

The phrase “Support Item Sololane” mentioned in the image Phlox tweeted caught the attention of the League of Legends community. On a Reddit thread discussing the plethora of changes and adjustments in Patch 12.4, one user pointed out that the support item solo lane change could possibly prevent players from buying starting support items if they have Smite. They commented, “Wonder what the support item solo lane change is going to be, I think the easiest solution is make it so you can't buy support starting items when you have smite which wouldn't outright kill roaming support tops but would cut down the effectiveness of completely shutting out the enemy jungler.

The top lane Janna pick with summoner spell Smite has been dominating League of Legends gameplay for quite some time now. Originally a support champion, Janna has ascended to the top lane and is currently sitting on a win rate of 55.15% in Platinum and higher tiers of Solo Queue in Patch 12.3.

On 3rd Feb, Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison, the design lead of Summers’ Rift team, shared on Twitter that they have been prioritizing the efforts to fix the enchanter top meta. Now, this system adjustment, though unclear, seems to be a direct hit at the new meta.

Champion debuffs in Patch 12.4

Following are the champions that are getting nerfed in this upcoming patch.

  • Zeri

  • Mundo

  • Qiyana

  • Veigar

  • Blitzcrank

  • Nunu and Willump

  • Master Yi

Currently, all these champions have a win rate of 50% or higher and have been dominating Solo Queue for a while now. Surprisingly, Zeri has been targeted by this patch once again despite receiving multiple nerfs recently.

Nunu & Willump

The community seemed to be pretty content with the champion nerfs overall. One Redditor wrote, “Thank god they are finally addressing Nunu, guy's been a terror for months now and he has managed to fly under the radar until now. I seriously hope they hit his early roaming ability a bit, because as it stands the pressure he has from very early on is insane for how good he is at clearing. Qiyana's still a monster in soloqueue and every hit she takes makes me a happier man, and the Yi one is a surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one. I wonder what they will do to kill the support item toplane strat. Overall, very nice patch on paper, can't wait to see the actual changes.”

Champion buffs in Patch 12.4

According to Riot Phlox's tweet, a handful of underrated attack-damage carries (ADC) and top-lane champions will be receiving buffs in the next League of Legends patch.

The Champions receiving buffs are:

  • Aatrox

  • Illaoi

  • Amumu

  • Ashe

  • Lucian

  • Kalista

  • Xayah

  • Sett

  • Rumble

  • Neeko

  • Nami (E changes reverted)


Surprisingly, Riot Games has decided to revert the nerfs they introduced to Nami’s E - Tidecaller’s Blessing within one patch. They introduced changes to her passive and one of her abilities and this directly impacted her win rate.

It looks like Riot is aiming to buff ADC (Attack Damage Carry) champions to give them a fair chance to duel with lane bullies like Caitlyn and Jinx.

Though the information revealed by Phlox is not detailed, the exact nature of the buffs, nerfs, and changes will be revealed soon.

According to the official patch schedule, Patch 12.4 will be released on the live servers on 16th February. League of Legends’ new Zaunite support Renata Glasc will also make her way onto the rift with Patch 12.4.

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