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EDG Founder Reportedly Rewards Each Worlds 2021 Winner With Real Estate Properties

Abhimannu Das
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Edward Gaming (EDG) founder Edward Zhu is rewarding his League of Legends team with properties in Guangzhou (China) worth ¥1 million RMB ($156K USD) each.
The EDG roster is also receiving a ¥3 million ($470K) reward from Chinese electronics company TCL.
Riot Games rewarded the winning team with $489,000 and custom diamond rings created in partnership with Mercedes.

Prior to the League of Legends World Championship finals, Edward Gaming (EDG) founder Edward Zhu revealed that he would be giving each of his team’s players a property in Guangzhou (China) if they won the grand finals against DAMWON Gaming KIA. According to a report from the Sports Business Journal, with the EDG roster meeting the pre-requisite, Zhu has agreed to reward his players with properties worth ¥1 million RMB ($156K USD) each.

Electronics company TCL has announced additional rewards worth $470,000 USD

Worlds 2021 had a prize pool of $2.225 million USD and Edward Gaming’s first-place finish earned the team a sizeable $489,000 which amounts to 22% of the prize pool. But the cash prize from Riot Games is just the tip of the iceberg for the League of Legends team. In addition to a portion of the prize pool and the properties in Guangzhou, the players are receiving an additional reward worth ¥3 million ($470K) from Chinese multinational electronics company TCL. The team will also be receiving TCL-branded home appliances worth 70K ($11K) for each player.

Riot Games has partnered with automobile company Mercedes-Benz to award custom-fitted rings for the Edward Gaming players. The world championship rings have the Mercedes-Benz star logo displayed on the sides and are made of 18-karat white gold with a custom cut sapphire jewel. The Worlds logo that is featured on each ring has a diamond encased within. While Riot Games and Mercedes-Benz were responsible for building the emblem, the rings were handcrafted by GOOD ART HLYWD. The rings were presented to the players on 6th November 2021 after the grand finals.

EDG’s two South Korean players Lee “Scout” Ye-chan and Park “Viper” Do-hyeon may have a hard time receiving the properties in China due to their status as foreign individuals. The esports organization told Sports Business Journal that it is trying to work things out officially. In case the players are unable to receive the properties in China, the two players will be rewarded with cash instead.

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