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DSG Valorant Partners With Bleed Esports To Field New APAC Team

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Bleed Esports recently announced its partnership with Disguised to support a Valorant team in the APAC region.
DSG will be using Bleed's resources in the APAC region as Bleed gears up to play in VCT Pacific Tier 1 tournament.

The Jeremy "Disguised Toast" Wang-owned esports organization Disguised (DSG) has effectively moved its focus from North America (NA) to the Asia Pacific (APAC) region by partnering with Singaporean organization Bleed Esports. Disguised (DSG) has come up with a strong Malaysian/Singaporean (MY/SG) lineup right in time for the Valorant 2024 Challengers season.

Thanks to this partnership, DSG will utilize Bleed's resources and facilities as Bleed will be competing in the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Pacific League in South Korea for the next two seasons.

DSG Valorant Formulates New APAC Team With the Help of Bleed Esports

On 25th January, Disguised Toast posted a five-minute announcement video in the form of a skit that revealed DSG's partnership with Bleed Esports. At the start of the video, Toast asks former DSG player Jacob “yay” Whiteaker to come back and later asks, "Can Bleed help me make a tier 2 team?" To this, yay replies, "Toast, it's not like I could tell Bleed to help build you an entire team for Challengers. Unless..."

Following this, the Bleed x DSG partnership was revealed and Toast talked about his experience of fielding a team in the NA Valorant esports and also explained his move to the APAC region.

In a press release, Disguised Toast said, "One of my goals with DSG is to build it into a global brand, and I’ve always wanted to expand to the Asia region. I lived in Malaysia from age 1 to 13 and haven’t visited since, so I’m excited to make a return. A huge thank you to Bleed for supporting us through this whole process and helping us build a roster. Fans can expect DSG to be visiting the SEA region this year.

Fans should note that the Bleed x Disguised partnership is one of the first Affiliate Team Partnerships that has been announced in 2024. As per this new program, affiliate organizations are allowed to collaborate and can trade players amidst them. As a result, DSG players can be called up to play for the Bleed Esports Valorant roster in VCT Pacific.

The new DSG roster is as follows:

  • Azrie "Riza" Adly

  • Tyler "juicy" Aeria

  • Wong "JayH" Heng

  • Bryce "bryce" Lee

  • Wayne "Wayne" Chang

  • Alexander "alexRr" Frisch (Coach)

In 2023, Bleed Esports defeated SCARZ in the grand final of VCT 2023 Pacific: Ascension and became the very first team to make it into the Tier 1 scene through the Challengers and Ascension system. As a result, Bleed will be joining the ten franchised teams in Seoul, South Korea, for the 2024 and 2025 seasons.

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