DRX vs FPX Valorant Champions 2022 Playoffs Match Was a Series of Clutches

Overtime madness descends in Istanbul at Valorant Champions 2022

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Day 1 of Valorant Champions 2022 was off to a great start.
The second series of the day – DRX vs FPX – was a spectacle and it showcased some amazing clutch plays.

The playoffs bracket matches of Valorant Champions 2022 began on 9th September and the opening matches in the upper bracket set the tone of the tournament. In the first series, LOUD Esports took down Leviatán. Meanwhile, in the second series of the day, Korea’s DRX took on FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) in the upper bracket quarterfinals. After a decisive 2-0 victory, DRX sent FPX to the lower bracket and advanced one step further in the upper bracket. Though the series was a 2-0 blowout, it was a series of insane plays and clutches.

DRX won both Ascent (19-17) and Breeze (13-5) and the first match saw crazy Valorant action in the overtime. Notably, this win for DRX marks the longest map yet in international Valorant LAN (1 hour 36 minutes).

FPX ardiis clutches a crucial round for his team

At the start of the 25th round on Ascent, the teams were tied at a 12-12 score in overtime. FPX was on attack and while the team tried to enter A site, three of its members fell in quick succession. While his teammates were entering the site from A main, FPX Ardis “ardiis” Svarenieks was flanking and managed to cross mid and positioned himself at the defenders spawn. From the spawn, ardiis walked into A garden and noticed DRX’s Sova player and took him down while his teammate Sage died. Following this, he quickly picked up the spike and planted it but he was located by Fade’s Haunt (E) ability and Seize (Q). Despite being located, marked, deafened, and decayed in a 1v3 situation, ardiis managed to get three crispy headshots, killing all his opponents and winning the round.

DRX stax steps up big time

DRX’s in-game leader (IGL) Kim "stax" Gu-taek won an important overtime round that pushed his team into the map and series point against FPX. At the start of the 35th round on Ascent, both DRX and FPX were tied at 17-17 and the first few kills went in favor of FPX, which was poised to win the round. With only one member down on the side of FPX, it was a 4v2 situation since only stax and Kim “zest” Gi-seok were alive to take a fight. While zest was in A site garden, stax had to rotate from B and walked through A Heaven. This was an easy round to win for FPX but stax rained on FPX’s parade by killing three FPX players while zest managed to pick off the last one.

In an iconic shot, DRX stax kissed his mouse and the Valorant community has been spamming GIFs and photos of that moment.

Though these two moments were the biggest highlight plays of the series, every round showcased well-thought-out gameplay along with bone-chilling and precise shooting from both teams.

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