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Dr Disrespect “Leaks” His Halo Infinite Skin

Abhimannu Das
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Dr Disrespect showed off a render of a Halo Infinite skin that might be coming to the game.
The "leaked" skin might be one of 343 Industries' first official collaboration with a content creator for the new Halo title.
Existing esports skins cost around $10 and Dr Disrespect's skins might be priced similarly.

Halo Infinite has launched with mixed responses from the community. While some players like the classic gameplay, others feel that it is too dated. 343 Industries has time to work out the issues as the game is still in its early days. Content creator Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm IV is happy with the game’s launch and it seems like he got the opportunity to work with 343 Industries and have his own skin in-game. He “accidentally” showed off the upcoming skin that is likely to be added in the near future.

Dr Disrespect’s Halo Infinite skin set should be available soon

In a recent livestream, he started off with a high-quality render behind him that shows off the new skin. While it initially seemed like a render, Doc broke into fake panic and pretended that he did not want to show off the Halo Store screenshot.

He removed the image from his stream but after a short while he posted the render on Twitter saying that it was now “officially leaked.” Similar to the Halo Championship Series skins, the bundle could be priced around 1,000 Credits ($10). Assuming that 343 Industries has indeed partnered with Dr Disrespect to create the new skin, he could be the very first creator to be partnered with the game.

Dr Disrespect is the biggest Halo Infinite streamer

Dr Disrespect is the biggest Halo Infinite streamer currently with over 225,000 launch day views. He has surpassed all Twitch creators and his outlook on the game has been generally positive. While other creators like Michael “shroud” Grzesiek do not like the classic gameplay and feel that Infinite has no innovation, Doc has been enjoying the game so far.

He said, “every time I finish I want to get straight into the lobby, I’m down to play again.” The game has iconic maps from previous games like Sanctuary and Warlock, and the devs are trying to solidify the game as an esport with the $3 million Halo Championship Series.

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